Teen Drug Abuse

Is there a teen in your life that is struggling with drug abuse? If so, then you are not alone. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration reports that the drug abuse among teens continues to increase, especially prescription drug addiction. The most recent statistics indicate that teens start abusing marijuana by age 14 and alcohol by age 12 on average.

For many families, finding out that their teenage son, daughter, brother, sister or grandchild is addicted can be a very difficult situation. Many teenagers will start out experimenting with drugs at a very early age. Some will start with drugs like alcohol or tobacco which increases the use of other drugs later in life. Some teens will experiment with drugs on and off for years and later develop substance abuse issues. And many will become dependant on drugs very quickly and cause harm to themselves and others as a result.

Teen drug abuse can happen for many reasons. Often times the teenager will experience a significant problem in their life for which drugs and alcohol soon become the solution. After the individual starts using the drug(s) to solve the problems he/she is experiencing, the drug will modify normal body functioning and the teen will develop a dependence on the drug.

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