Addiction Treatment

Alternative Addiction Treatment

Most rehab centers use the twelve steps of alcoholics anonymous to try and help people overcome their addictions to drugs and alcohol. They also may employ psychiatric treatment to analyze and dissect what exactly is wrong with the addict. This can include placing them on medications and certain narcotics to wean them off of their drug of choice. For people who have either tried this already or do not want to have to depend on more drugs to handle their problems, alternative addiction treatment is available. Some alternative treatment centers are referred to as being holistic. Holistic means relating to a study of the whole instead of a separation into parts. This means that the centers focus on getting the whole human being to the best state possible. They will first work on the physical problems that come from prolonged periods of frequent drug or alcohol abuse. After these symptoms have been taken care of, they can start working on the mental aspects of the individual. The addict’s brain may be damaged and not used to thinking rationally. This is important for the addict to be able to see what they have done and why.

After the body and the mind have been cleared of the effects of drugs, the person can start addressing their emotional issues. They may have been hurt very badly some time in their past and started using drugs to numb the pain away. They also were probably not hanging around the most desirable people while they were using, so they may have experienced numerous traumas as a result of the company they kept and the circles they ran in.
All of these issues are equally important and any one not addressed can lead the addict to reversion to drugs or alcohol. The order in which they are handled is of utmost importance, though. The person cannot think about anything else very well while they are physically sick, and they cannot rationally address their emotional issues until their minds have been cleared.

Being that there is more than one side to a human being, it is important to address their behavior as such. It is imperative that the staff at treatment centers be well trained and have the knowledge and experience required to be able to handle people suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. Alternative addiction treatment centers have many staff members that have themselves overcome substance abuse addiction. This can be comforting to an addict because they can see that it is possible to be sober after struggling with addiction. It also helps that the staff can identify with what the client is going through because they have been there and are able to relate.