Addiction Treatment

Crack Addiction Treatment

There is so much to be said about crack addiction treatment, but I’ll try to outline the basics.  First and foremost, cocaine addiction is not a disease; it’s more like a malfunction. Second, it most definitely can be overcome, I’m walking proof.  And finally, if this addiction is affecting your life in some way, please read this information, it could save a life. Contrary to popular belief, crack addiction treatment is not always treated as a disease. Yes, it’s certainly a problem but, one that can be dealt with. This particular addiction directly affects the mind and the endorphins within the brain.  Endorphins are the “feel good” censors in the brain.  The person must find other ways to activate the endorphins in order to overcome their addiction. In essence, a disease can not be cured, only treated.  Coke addiction can be overcome.

I, myself, suffered from crack/cocaine addiction for many years and can testify to the fact that it can be overcome.  12 step programs work for some people but, they did not work for me.  I had to find an alternative type crack addiction treatment program.  If your interest is peaked, please keep reading.  I battled with cocaine addiction for almost 30 years before finding a solution. I can honestly say I really tried to overcome it for most of that time, binge using from time to time.  When I used, however, I disrupted not only my own life, but that of my family, friends and co-workers.  The aftermath is even worse because, the guilt and shame that follow.  It’s almost unbearable to live with. I honestly tried time after time to abstain from using but, only to fail, at some point, leaving me even more frustrated and in despair.  I would be doing great for periods of time ranging from 2 weeks to up to a year and then would revert and use. This may sound like something simply resolved but, not the case.  This cycle would repeat over a 30 year span.  Each time I would use, the trail of destruction left behind seemed worse. I had no reason for using about 90% of the time; I had no idea what spurred me to do it. I was completely at a loss, and become more hopeless each time it happened.

Finally, I read about a crack addiction treatment program that handled the body and then the mind.  This made sense to me and I thought it just might work.  I had no idea that drug residuals were left behind in the fat cells of the body and then released at random and this was the underlying issue to my unexplained relapses.  Just knowing, I felt hopeful. Today, I have 2 ½ years clean and work in the very same facility that changed my life and that of my family’s.