Addiction Treatment

Holistic Addiction Treatment

There are many different types of drug and alcohol treatment centers available to the public. One of the most effective and successful of these programs is referred to as holistic addiction treatment. Holistic means pertaining to whole parts, and these types of centers focus on every aspect of the human being. They work on the body, the mind and the emotions as a way to completely restore the client to the best possible overall state. When initially checking into a treatment center, the addict will go through physical withdrawals that will be so intense that focusing on any other aspect of the client would not be practical, and would in fact be counterproductive because of the mental state they will be in due to their pain and discomfort. Depending on the drug they are addicted to, this can last up to several days or even weeks.

After the addict is not experiencing symptoms of the physical withdrawal, and is able to sleep and eat normally, they can begin focusing on getting their mind to a sharper state. Many drugs are very damaging to brain cells and will impair brain function, so the addict may need mental exercises in order to get their mind back to reality and be able to think rationally.

Once they have the ability to clearly understand concepts and rationalize, they can begin to address their emotional issues. All of these steps will be very intense and difficult for the addict to go through, so each one needs to be taken very seriously and handled with great care. It is imperative that professionals with experience and understanding are there to handle the condition of the addict throughout the various stages of their recovery.

Once you understand exactly what is needed for an addict to completely recover from the abuse they have put themselves through, it is obvious why holistic approaches to addiction recovery are the most successful. The number one thing that these types of treatment centers practice is a drug free recovery. Many rehabs will put the addict on different drugs to take the place of what they were addicted to. How can someone’s brain and emotions recover when they are being clouded yet again with a foreign narcotic?

It is imperative that the client is able to gain self worth and power that they cannot achieve by telling themselves that they cannot truly be happy without taking something. Telling them that they have an incurable disease is sure to lower their self esteem. This is a controversial belief that sadly enough is becoming more and more accepted in the medical community. This is the argument between conventional and holistic addiction treatment, but as long as it is a free country, the choice is up to you.