Addiction Treatment

Inpatient Treatment

If you are seeking inpatient treatment for yourself or someone you love, there are many avenues to take. Choosing the right one is a critical choice and should only be done after careful consideration and extensive research. This decision could be a major turning point in the life of yourself or your loved one. The first factor to consider is whether short term or long term treatment is needed. If the individual in need has been to treatment previously and reverted to using or drinking again, it may be wise to consider long term inpatient treatment this time. Long term treatment provides much more stable ground for the addict or alcoholic.
The longer the person is clean, the further detached they become from the drugs or alcohol. It’s only smart to think about finding a long term facility or even a short term with extensive outpatient counseling. Sometimes, the short term version w/ intensive follow up will suffice but, most of the time, long term is the safest route to take.

Secondly, will the person require the aid of a medical detoxification?  It’s always best to try to withdraw without the aid of any other drug. When would it be beneficial to use one drug to get off of another?  The answer to this is clear, only when it’s unsafe to do so otherwise.  Usually, withdrawal does not require drug substitution. Many people believe withdrawal is only possible with the drug substitution method, not true at all. Utilizing good therapeutic exercises, to divert one’s mind from withdrawal, mild body massages, to aid in aches and bodily symptoms associated with withdrawal and mega amount of vitamins and nutritional supplement, to replace fluid loss with nutrition, the body generally recovers transitions very smoothly and with a minimum of discomfort. Opting for certain inpatient treatment centers offer such a withdrawal and rarely does one require a medical detox.

What benefits should one seek when choosing an inpatient treatment program? Does the program suit the individual in need? If 12 step programs have failed repeatedly and support meetings seem pointless, it may be time to consider an alternative approach. There are many centers out there that use alternative methods such as faith based programs and holistic centers. Many don’t provide the life skills necessary to live drug or alcohol free. Anyone can get clean but, staying clean it the definitive answer to an ongoing problem. Get on the internet and work the phone but, most importantly, don’t be afraid to ask questions.  You’ll only get as much out of your research as you put into it. You want the best program available to truly help the alcoholic/addict. Please take into consideration all factors before making a decision, it could be the most important decision you’ll ever make.