Addiction Treatment

Marijuana Addiction Treatment

A very common misconception in our society today is that marijuana is harmless and is not really a drug. A drug is defined as, “Any narcotic; also, any substance or chemical agent employed for other than medical reasons to obtain a given psychological effect or to satisfy a craving.” Marijuana is taken for these exact reasons. The users can experience a sense of calm and apathy, or they can have the exact opposite feelings of extreme paranoia and worry. The effects will vary depending on the person and the length and frequency of use. Although marijuana is not physically addictive, which means that the user will not experience any physical withdrawal symptoms if they quit, it is mentally and emotionally addictive. Marijuana can create an intense increase of appetite. If the user is used to getting high every time before they eat, they may not want to eat as much or at all without the drug. This can have a negative effect on the physical and mental state of the addict, due to the fact that they will not be getting the physical and mental nourishment that they need to function at their best.

Seeing as marijuana can calm people down and make certain situations more enjoyable and easy to handle, they may become antisocial and begin to individuate themselves from others when they quit. This can have very negative effects on the person’s family and social life, which can damage their overall sense of well being.
People may not become as desperate for marijuana when they run out of it as people who are addicted to stronger drugs are, but they will still spend money, time and effort that they could have spent on being productive searching for it and smoking it. The negative effects are not as dramatic or apparent as other drugs, so this may be why it is not addressed as such a problem.

The truth is that marijuana impairs judgment and clouds reasoning skills, and why it will not kill its users, it will definitely hinder their progress in life. People may see successful people that they look up to using marijuana, and determine that it is okay for them, too. They do not see how much more successful and fruitful one’s life can be without using drugs at all. Obviously the most dangerous fact about marijuana is that it leads to other drugs that have worse side effects and cause greater damage.

Once a person has crossed that line and used a drug, being marijuana or whatever, they are more likely to drop their inhibitions when it comes to other illegal substances. They may have lost the excitement of getting marijuana, and decide to step it up. This is why it is important to find marijuana addiction treatment before it crosses that line.