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History of Heroin

Heroin has been around for hundreds of years. The Wild West was once known for its heavy drinking cowboys and outlaws, but what many don’t know is that the west was also full of hidden opium dens. Many cowboys would go to these dens, after many days of riding, and totally escape into a cloud of smoke. These cowboys would go to these dens and stay for hours, or sometimes even days at a time, smoking and taking full advantage of the oriental prostitutes that stayed in these dens. By the mid 1800’s, heroin was a pretty well known and highly used drug. It is said that many famous names like Wild Bill Hickock and Kit Carson frequently visited these dens more often than not.

Heroin was actually used in the early 1800’s for medical purposes. Doctors of this time period used this drug to stop pain associated with an operation a patient had or to help a patient with a traumatic injury. This drug helped to numb the patience pain and put them in a dream like state as to not think about the injury. Morphine, a compound derived from opium, quickly became popular in the medical field by the 1850’s. This drug was considered nothing short of remarkable for the way it quickly got rid of pain, but shortly after the Civil War, the consequences of the drug being so highly used came back to haunt everyone. This is when it was found how addictive this substance really was.

In today’s society heroin is very highly used and abused. With most people who are addicted to this drug, it was that first dose that did them in. That one dose leads most too many years of heavy drug use. This is very hard on a person’s body and can cause major damage.

Effects of Heroin

Some long-term effects of heroin drug abuse are:
•    Collapsed veins
•    Infection of the heart lining and valves
•    Abscess (caused by shooting the heroin with a needle)
•    Cellulites
•    Liver disease

These are nothing short of serious and many users do not even realize these things could happen to them. These are things that just happen from heroin in general, but most street heroin is mixed with other substances and could cause something more serious to happen and could affect your body even worse.

The short term effects of heroin are just as scary as the long term.  When a user first tries heroin they get sense of euphoria throughout their body and will cause their skin to become flushed. This sensation also comes with dry mouth and the feeling of heavy arms and legs. The user will also start to nod in and out which most addicts refer to as “on the nod”. The use of heroin also stifles the central nervous system which can cause the memory to be clouded and breathing to be slower. The breathing is something very serious to pay attention to because in some cases this has led to respiratory failure.

Heroin Statistics

With the abuse of heroin growing more and more each year the statistics just continue to alarm those who may be unaware of the situation. Here are some alarming statistics that just might take you by surprise:

•    More than 29% of all 12th grade boys and girls that have been surveyed said that heroin was “ easy to get” in and around their schools
•    In the United States, there are over 3.8 million people that say they have used heroin at least once in their lifetime
•    For someone who has an addiction to heroin, on average, they spend $150 to $200 a day supporting their drug habit

These statistics may be alarming, but it’s the stone cold truth. Many people come face to face with this addiction every day, whether they are feeding into it, fighting it, or trying to help someone who is trying to overcome this addiction. This drug is vicious and will try and takedown anyone who stands in its way.

Heroin Addiction Treatment

The process of coming off of heroin can be very difficult because of the severe withdrawal of coming off of an opiate. Most that go to rehab or just want off of the drug have to go to medical detox so they can be safely weaned off of the drug. There are residential inpatient treatments and outpatient treatment options for someone who wants to get off of heroin. Some people think that using the methadone clinic to get off is an effective way to stop using heroin, but really it is just replacing one addiction for a new one. There are many methadone addicts in the drug society and methadone being readily available for people “wanting” to get off drugs keeps feeding into addiction. An inpatient treatment center that helps someone not only get off heroin, but to live life after they are sober is ideal for anyone who can find a center that does this.  

Heroin addiction is and will continue to be a growing problem in today’s society without the proper education and information. If people just knew before hand and understood what drugs will do to you, there would be less to even try these drugs. If you would like more information on heroin or know someone that needs help getting off of drugs call Narconon at 800-468-6933.