Addiction Treatment

Treatment for Heroin Addiction

There are many different avenues to take in the treatment for heroin addiction. But, just because they exist definitely does not mean they are successful solutions. Statistics prove that the only successful treatment plan for someone struggling with a problem as severe as a heroin addiction has got to have long term inpatient treatment. Many of these addicts try so many ‘quick fix’ treatment plans such as outpatient treatment, short term inpatient treatment, replacement drugs, or groups such as Narcotics Anonymous. Although, occasionally one of these solutions works, for the most part, they don’t. The ‘outpatient’ option is definitely one of the types of treatment for heroin addiction that is extremely unsuccessful. When a person is struggling with an addiction like this, it has more than likely consumed their entire life. Every aspect of their life! The amount of time that the addict spends in the outpatient treatment is not enough time to address all of the issues that need to be handled. They basically need to relearn how to live again and this cannot be done in a couple of hours a week. Besides the time constraint, they also have a lot of outside distractions such as family, friends, job, and definitely the knowledge that they have access to the drug if needed. This all makes focusing on this struggle of addiction a little overwhelming. Usually people don’t complete the outpatient classes or of they do go, they continue to use Heroin in their daily lives.

Short term treatment for heroin addiction usually consists of fourteen to thirty days of inpatient treatment. This is just not enough time to handle a severe addiction like this. Unfortunately, many state funded treatment centers only offer short term treatment. This is why they have success rates of less than 5%.Two weeks or even a month is just about when the heroin addict is beginning to feel better physically and is able to begin to focus on their recovery. Most heroin addicts have been addicts for months or even years and can not possibly learn everything or even most of the tools they will need to stay clean. Short term inpatient treatment is a very bad idea for anyone struggling with a drug addiction.

Then there are the replacement drugs. Many resort to these ‘legal’ drugs such as Methadone or Suboxone. These drugs are on the market so that heroin and opiate addicts don’t have to resort to the illegal drugs. The methadone and Suboxone will also keep the addict from experiencing the painful withdrawal symptoms that Heroin withdrawal brings about. The problem with these ‘replacement’ drugs is that they are just as addictive as the heroin, if not more. The addict is basically just switching addictions.

For a heroin addict to get the proper treatment for heroin addiction and handle all of the physical and mental issues that this type of addiction entails, the addict must go into a long term drug and alcohol treatment center.