12 Step

12 Step

There are numerous forms of treatment and rehabilitation available to those suffering from drug or alcohol addiction.  There is the 12 step program, non 12 step program, Christian 12 step program and numerous other programs that help individuals overcome drug and alcohol addiction every year.  There are also the alanon 12 steps that help family members and friends of addicted individuals better understand the addict and help themselves as well.  The alcoholic’s anonymous 12 step program prides itself on restoring an individual and helping them to be able to have a sober life style and be productive and responsible.  The 12 steps is a simple program that works if you work it and if one can become completely honest with themselves.

The 12 step recovery program is a set of guiding principles outlining a course of action for recovery from addiction, compulsion or other behavioral problems.  The 12 steps of alcoholics anonymous have 12 steps and 12 traditions and also have 12 step groups and 12 step meetings to assist those on the road to recovery.  There are also the 12 steps of narcotics anonymous which has the same principles and 12 steps, but mainly substitutes the word alcohol with narcotics.  Alcoholic anonymous 12 step program focuses on not only helping yourself, but also making amends to those you’ve hurt through your past behavior, making a commitment to future recovery, and helping others who are struggling with the same problems.

The road to 12 step recovery requires an individual to be completely honest with themselves and others.  Then and only then can one start the recovery process and begin to become fully rehabilitated.  The alcoholic’s anonymous 12 step program has been proven to work for thousands of individuals struggling with drug or alcohol addiction.  There are numerous pieces of literature and 12 step books that outline and assist those seeking recovery.   

Whether you choose a 12 step program or non-traditional program one thing can be certain.  Drug and alcohol addiction is destroying our society and must be addressed immediately.  Thousands of individuals, families and entire communities are being affected negatively by alcohol and drug abuse.  The only way we as a nation can begin to recover is by seeking the help of rehabilitation centers.  Incarceration and drug courts may temporarily deter drug and alcohol abuse, but offers no real solution.  

If you or someone you love is suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, please don’t hesitate to locate a 12 steps program today.  Alcoholic’s anonymous 12 steps continually help thousands of individuals overcome their addictions every year. Don’t give up hope as full addiction recovery for a lifetime is possible. Do whatever it takes to give yourself or your loved one a chance at a happy, healthy and productive life.