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Christian Drug Rehab

Those struggling with addiction are often tempted to punish themselves for lack of character or will. They feel the horrible weight of failing in the eyes of God and those that love them when the truth is; alcoholism and drug addiction is defined as a disease by the American Medical Association (AMA) as a chronic, debilitating and fatal disease. Alcohol and drug addiction is merely symptomatic of underlying issues, whether those involve chemical imbalance or emotional disturbances such as painful memories, trauma or abuse.

Christian drug rehab centers may hold the answer. God does not show favoritism but accepts men from any Nation who fear him and do what is right. This passage is taken out of Acts 10 and can be interpreted that now matter where you come from you will be accepted into the house of the Lord. Once we have asked for forgiveness for our past transgressions nothing can be called unclean that God has made clean.

Christian drug rehab centers and Christian drug treatment programs are some of the most effective programs for the Christian seeking a life without drug addiction. We have researched many Christian drug rehab centers and have compiled a list of the most effective Christian drug treatment programs. Please don't hesitate to get yourself or someone that you love into a Christian Drug Rehab center.  Don't put off today as tomorrow may never come for someone that has a drug addiction. God only helps those who help themselves so take the first step and start on the path of recovery now. Christian drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers work when other programs fail. Truth is truth, and the only real solution to any human suffering is a spiritual one. Some Christian drug treatment centers are also affiliated with particular social service or religious organizations such as Salvation Army, Cavalry Chapel, Saddleback Church or those run through the Catholic Charities.

Certain Christian drug rehab centers will also incorporate groups for codependents, adult children of the chemically addicted and those in need of anger management training as well. Whereas 12-step groups and other treatment centers may introduce substance abusers to a "higher power" as the means to recovery, (and not wanting to offend anyone) the Christian drug treatment centers define that Jesus Christ and God are that higher power and the focal point for Christian-based sobriety. In addition to detoxification, individual and group therapies, many Christian drug treatment centers will also have Bible study groups, prayer groups and other religion-based subgroups to compliment the more traditional medical, psychological and social treatment models. One of the advantages of Christian drug treatment centers is that the substance abuser will be around like-minded individuals all with the common goal of healing through the powers of God and Jesus Christ. This kind of cohesive group atmosphere focused on spiritual healing is preferable to many. And, according to many Christian drug treatment centers, the combination of faith-based scripture and the power of the Holy Spirit is what is needed for many people of faith to kick their addictions. Most Christian drug treatment centers also focus on getting the family involved in the healing process as well and healing the family through prayer and Christian teachings.