Addiction Counseling

Addiction counseling, in my opinion is necessary for an individual to beat any type of addiction once and for all. Many people struggling with addiction try to quit using drugs on their own or by using some sort of replacement drug and realize hopefully sooner than later that the easy way is not the way that works. If quitting drugs, or any addiction, was easy then there would be no need for inpatient drug and alcohol treatment centers. But, there is definitely a need because most drug addictions are not only physically addictive but very much mentally addictive. It takes time, focus, motivation, and the help of an addiction counselor to give a drug addict a new way to live again. There are many ways that addiction counseling can benefit a drug addict. A person addicted to drugs usually has a very low self esteem and issues with communicating with others. Very often, this is the reason that the drug use ever started in the first place. Addiction counselors have many ways to work with the addict to teach them how to love themselves. Usually the mental exercises that the counselor has the addict do to build self esteem are very easy and simple drills, but would otherwise never be done without the advice and monitoring of the Counselor. Learning how to communicate with others can also be very simple when given different techniques to slowly build communication skills in the addict. This is usually done on a gradient so that the addict does not get overwhelmed and become introverted.

Someone in the field of addiction counseling can also give a drug addict advice in how to physically take care of themselves. Many addicts never learned the basics in how to eat properly and take vitamins. They don’t realize just how negatively the drugs are affecting their bodies, and that the drugs are actually depleting them of the necessary vitamins and minerals that are a necessity for survival. When an addict is checked in to an inpatient drug treatment center they have the opportunity to learn and practice these things on a daily basis while being overseen by a professional addiction counselor. This will also help the addict begin to care more about themselves and want to live a healthy lifestyle.

Once the addict has built self confidence, learned communication skills, and learned to take care of themselves physically they are much better equipped to handle and deal with past issues. Through addiction counseling, they will learn step by step how to confront their pasts. Handling the past is the only way that an addict can focus on what’s going on the present and begin to plan their future. So basically, for anyone struggling with addiction, addiction counseling will save your life.