Addiction Counselor Certification & Training

Becoming an addiction counselor can be a very rewarding career in helping to change the world for the better. There are actually many addiction counselors that were drug addicts in the past. Since they saw first hand just how negatively drugs affected everyone including themselves, they wanted to help others to quit using. They are especially helpful in the field because they can empathize and relate to the drug addict that is being counseled. Most drug addicts will open up to a counselor that they know has been through an addiction such as themselves before they would want to talk to a counselor that has never struggled with an addiction and only knows about addiction through what they learned in college.   There are different places that you can work as an addictions counselor. Addiction counselors don’t just work in alcohol and drug treatment centers. This is where the majority work, but there are other outpatient type offices that also require addiction counselors. This has led to increased addiction counselor certification.

There are also different fields of addiction that will require a counselor with appropriate addiction counselor training. There are many different types of addictions such as drugs and alcohol, eating, gambling, shopping, and the list goes on. Addiction counselors will help a person to overcome their need for instant gratification which is where almost all addictions stem from.

Usually there is a void or emptiness deep down in an individual that they are trying to fill with anything. They use drugs, sex, and people to fill this void and it is the addiction counselor’s purpose is to find out what has caused this feeling of inadequacy or emptiness.

Most addiction counselors that work at drug and alcohol treatment centers will work to help people discover what lead up to their addiction. Sometimes it will lead back to childhood and teenage years. Many times these addicts were abused as children mentally or physically and were made to have very low self esteem in going through these abusive situations so early in life. They used drugs to make them feel better, which eventually just made it all even worse. Now these poor individuals were not only abused or mistreated, but had now become hopeless drug addicts. So now, their only hope lies in this addiction counselor helping them to find themselves and beat this addiction. Much more is entailed than just putting the drugs down. The addiction counselor has to help the addict find a reason not to pick the drug back up. This usually takes time. Most successful programs are at least 90 day programs. This gives the addiction counselor time to build the confidence of the addict and teach them a new way to live. Being an addiction counselor is a very rewarding career choice.


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