Addiction Prevention

Drug and Alcohol addiction is one of the fastest growing epidemics for our children and teens today, and will continue to grow without us, as citizens and parents, focusing more on addiction prevention. If only we could do more campaigning and promoting to prevent drug use among our children and teens, I believe this number could be lowered. Do the parents of today think that if they educate their children about the different aspects of drugs, that they may be more inclined to use them or that they are glorifying them?

If so, then the parents, in my opinion, need to think twice. If children were more aware of how drugs affect them and their bodies, then they wouldn’t be so quick to fall for the peer pressure of using them. We need to teach our children to love themselves, their bodies, and to realize that they are beautiful and wonderful individuals without having escape reality with the use of drugs.

I believe that children and teens should know facts about each and every drug, the effects on the body and brain, the long term effects, and ways to be able to tell if someone else is taking a drug. They teach sex education and prevention in the schools of America, so why not drug education and addiction prevention?

There are lots of ways to promote addiction prevention into the children and teens of Americas’ lives. We could not only teach drug education in schools, but parents and schools could campaign fundraisers and such to help with the fight against drug and alcohol addiction.  There are many organizations that help current drug addicts as well as promote drug free lifestyles that need funding from outside sources in order to stay up and running. These non profit organizations struggle everyday to find funding to stay on purpose. This is a great way for youth to help humanity, which in turn will make them feel as if they are making an impact in the world. What better way to boost their self confidence, as well as helping them see just how much negative impact drugs have on the world today.

Parents think that they are using good parenting skills when they keep their children sheltered from the horrible drug world. In reality, they are setting their children up to be preyed upon by drug dealers. Addiction prevention needs to be one of the most important topics at the dinner table. The more it’s talked about, the less it will bother a child or teenager when put in the position of being offered drugs or alcohol. We should drill this with our children over and over. This is the only hope we have in keeping this epidemic from enveloping our nation.