Addiction Recovery

Part of what makes addiction recovery so difficult is the fact that it goes well beyond just stopping using. It must also be pursued with discipline, determination and on purpose. There must be discipline to be able to be able to make hard life choices that veer far away from choices that you have been accustomed to making. Such as disconnecting from friends, significant others or perhaps, even a family member. Discipline to start making choices that revolve around making certain that the people you bring into or allow to remain in your life share in the pursuit of recovery. People that not only have their best in mind, but are also conscious of your best interests and will support you regardless. Activities that used to be a part of life may not be able to be a part of life anymore. Recognizing that certain situations can put you into harms way and avoiding them and the temptations that accompany them Coincidentally, you will find that once you surround yourself with positive people consistently, the rest falls into place much easier where your addiction recovery is concerned. You must have the discipline to be able to start making decisions based on rationality, not on impulse. Not to say that being spontaneous can’t still be a great joy in life, but it can be approached responsibly.

It takes discipline to give up things that have become a part of your life for your existence as an addict. Life must take a complete turn for the better, in all aspects. You must have the determination to stick with your addiction recovery. There will, without a doubt, be countless times in which you do not want to do what you know you need to do.

The choices and changes will be tough, but your determination cannot waiver. You must be determined to put your recovery first and foremost. You must be determined to take addiction recovery serious and you can enjoy life without the use of drugs. You need to take the time and reflect on who you are as a person, who you want to be as a person, what you want out of life and stay determined to be that person. You need the determination to stay true to yourself, if you can do that, then you have your purpose. Have the determination to not let anyone or anything compromise your purpose. Nobody can change your life for you. You know what did not work, take that and learn from it. Don’t do those things or don’t associate with certain types of people. Whatever it takes, fill your life with positive people and make one right choice at a time. Take responsibility for who and what your becoming. Find good in yourself, define it, and live it!!