Crack Cocaine Addiction

Crack cocaine addiction rates highest as the most addictive drugs in the world today. The reason that it is so extremely addictive is the instant high that is brought over a person when smoked. Having been addicted to crack myself, it’s honestly difficult to put into words, the extremely powerful sensation that this drug brings over the body immediately after the first “hit”. Unfortunately for the crack addict, the high is extremely short lived. One hit of crack only keeps a person feeling this overwhelming euphoria for about 30 second to a minute. This is why crack addicts usually go on binges or smoke constantly throughout the day. The high wears off, and then the urge to get that feeling back in unexplainably overwhelming.

This is why crack cocaine addiction brings addicts to do almost anything to get more of the drug. A person, no matter how well off in the beginning, cannot usually be able to afford to keep this addiction going very long with legitimate means of obtaining it. By legitimate, I mean legal. Yes, the drug is an illegal drug, but usually people in the early stages of their addictions are still over all good and mostly ethical people. They still want to work and keep their friends and families. They still want to follow the law in every other aspect other than the using of crack occasionally and recreationally. Once the drug takes over, these formerly ethical people become crack-crazed fiends. The will lie and steal from their friends, families, and jobs (if they still have them). They will sell all of their belongings. They will rob stores or break into houses They will sell themselves anyway they can. Self respect and the presence of a conscience is gone completely.  

This is all an inevitably very sad truth for those that are tormented crack cocaine addiction. It is very uncommon for you to find a crack addict that can keep up his normal everyday routine as it was before the addiction started. The intense high that is caused by crack won’t let an individual function normally. It’s not like some other drugs in that aspect. Crack brings a person into a completely crazy mental state. A person falls into full blown addiction extremely fast with crack cocaine. This is why there are thousands and thousands of drug and alcohol treatment centers all over the world. Because without help of some kind, this drug will get a human being in its grips and not let go until they are spiritually and often times physically dead. It is definitely possible for an individual to turn their life around and beat crack cocaine addiction. But it will definitely take a person to have reached the end of their rope, and be completely beat by this struggle.