Drug Abuse, Alcohol & Substance Addiction Definition

Many people are confused about what it truly means to be addicted to something or what the real drug abuse definition is. What is the addict definition? They may think that because someone uses a particular substance on a regular basis that they are addicted. The truth is that there are different types of addictions people can have. The best addiction definition is when someone feels the need to use a substance before they can do anything else. If a person cannot eat, sleep, drink or do any of their daily tasks without first taking a certain substance, which is a clear addicted definition example. One of the types of addiction is physical addiction. Types of substances people can become physically addicted to include alcohol, heroin and xanax. When a person is addicted to these types of substances they will go through painful and possibly deadly withdrawals if they quit. They can become sick and possibly have seizures from these types of withdrawals. They can break out in cold sweats and become very irritable and irrational.

Another type of addiction is mental addiction. These types of drugs include stimulants such as methamphetamine and cocaine. They give a person a surge of energy and a feeling of euphoria. After people who are addicted to these types of substances quit, they will feel tired and depressed and will not be motivated to do any kinds of activities before they get high. There are no physical side effects to speak of, but mentally the addict will be slow and depressed. These types of drugs release serotonin in the brain which makes them feel happy and optimistic. When they stop taking these drugs the receptors in their brains are damaged and they do not release as much serotonin. This causes them to feel depressed and negative.

Another type of addiction people can experience is emotional addiction. This can come with any type of drug but it is the only type of addiction associated with marijuana. Marijuana can make people feel less anxious and worried, but it is not physically addictive. If someone is used to taking marijuana, they will have a harder time dealing with certain situations when they quit. They may not want to be around people or be in certain situations, and feel like they need marijuana in order to calm themselves down. They may not be able to deal with disappointment or boredom very well and they will start to crave the drug. This is when it goes beyond recreational drug use and it is used to deal with life situations.

This should help clear up any questions you may have of the addiction definition, substance addiction definition or alcohol addiction definition. It can be summed up as someone needing a substance before they will by anything else, perform any tasks or go into any situation.


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