Overcoming Addiction

Overcoming addiction to any mind altering substance will take complete commitment from someone before they will ever succeed in their attempt to quit. Usually a person has to “hit their bottom”, which means that they’re lives are basically ruined by the substance that has been abused. They have more than likely lost control of the life that they once knew. Some individuals have to lose much more than others before realizing that this is not what they want out of life.

For most, addiction takes an individual by surprise. One day, they have a ‘normal’ life with a job, family and home. Maybe they use drugs recreationally on the weekends. Slowly the use of the drug increases. The next thing they know, they are homeless, alone, and addicted. What happened? This is the sad reality of drug addiction. It can turn a well respected, loving, human being into a self centered evil shell of a person very, very quickly.  This is why it is one of the largest epidemics in the world today.

There is hope! Overcoming addiction is definitely possible. There are many different types of drug treatment centers around the world whose only purpose is to relieve a individual of drug and alcohol addiction. It is necessary to make a decision as to what type of treatment is suitable for the person. There are different variables involved is finding suitable treatment. It is proven, however, that long term, inpatient rehabilitation is the most successful. There are some inpatient treatment centers, such as Narconon, with success rates as high as 70%, while most short term inpatient or outpatient programs success rates are as low as 5-10%.

Overcoming addiction of any type is going to be a struggle. If it was easy, there would be no drug addicts in the first place or need for drug and alcohol treatment centers. As soon as a person realizes that they have a problem, they are well on their way to overcoming the addiction. There is no treatment center in the world that can help a person that doesn’t truly believe that their alcohol or drug use is a problem in the first place. A parent or spouse can’t force a person to get help, until the addict realizes on his own that he has a problem. There different ways to help an addict see that they need help. One way is to have an intervention. This consists, usually, of family members getting together and confronting the addict as a family. They tell the addict the different ways that they are affecting each of them. This can help the addict see that their drug use isn’t only affecting themselves, but their family also. The family usually at this point gives the addict an ultimatum: “Get help, or leave until you do”. Many times, this is enough. The addict is shocked into the reality of how bad things have become in their life and they are now ready to overcome this addiction.