Addiction is a huge problem facing many people in our country and around the world. It affects everybody whether they realize it or not. When drugs come into a community, the crime rates jump up and employment drops. This leaves the citizens and taxpayers to carry the burden of paying for the policing and housing of criminals. Not to mention the void it leaves in the community, in the form of parents and community activists. When people become addicted to drugs or alcohol they stop caring about and addressing issues in the rest of their lives. If it doesn’t pertain to their drug of choice then the addict is not interested.

Many people have family members or friends that are addicted to some form of intoxicating substance. If they do not have a direct family member that is an addict, they most likely know someone who does. Many times they ask themselves and the addict why they won’t just stop after their addiction has obviously caused so many problems. They may try anything from punishment, to counseling to support group meetings in an attempt to try and conquer the addiction.

The problem is that addicts believe they have found one thing that is the solution to all of their problems. This is because no matter what issue arises or what difficulties they are experiencing, their drug of choice will relieve their stress and worries, which makes it extremely difficult for them to try and deal with their problems in a healthy way.

When people are addicted to a substance their emotional state is greatly affected. After using drugs and alcohol for so long to deal with the issues that life brings, drug addicts will be very sensitive to complications or dilemmas in life. This is due to their lack of addressing these circumstances. These circumstances also worsen when a person is using drugs and the whole situation just snowballs and causes a downward spiral effect. The more a person uses drugs, the more they need to use drugs. Even people who are addicts themselves do not realize this fact. All they know is that no matter what happens and where they are that they can take their drug of choice and feel good and all of their problems will float away and they will be peaceful.

Addiction affects family members worse than it does the actual addict. This is because the family members are not high and drunk and are able to have an outside, objective viewpoint on the damage the addiction is causing. The addict is constantly in a haze and off in another world, so they do not realize all of the damage they are doing to themselves by living their lifestyle.