Xanax Addiction Treatment, Rehab and Help

Xanax addiction is becoming an overwhelmingly large problem in the United States and many Xanax rehab programs have been started. This is because so many doctors are prescribing  Xanax treatment to people without making them aware of the extremely addictive ingredients contained in the Xanax. The unknowing public will go to the doctor for something very simple, such as mild anxiety or problems with their sleep only to be prescribed this horrible drug that will eventually cause their original problem to seem very small in comparison to the severe withdrawal symptoms that they will now experience if they are without the Xanax for any extended amount of time, this would be a great time to start rehab for Xanax. Most of these doctors aren’t concerned with the physical addictions that they are causing people because they are making a large amount of money from the pharmaceutical industry by promoting the Xanax.  Unfortunately, as with most addictions, Xanax addiction will build a tolerance in the addict’s body. When they first began to take the pill, it may have only taken a .25 milligram of Xanax to have an effect, but after a few months, their dosage will need to be increased to .5 or 1 milligram to feel the same effect. Many people won’t admit to needing Xanax addiction help. This usually continues to increase until the original prescribing doctor will refuse to raise the dosage or quantity of the prescription any further. This is when so many individuals will now turn to illegal ways to get the drug.   

Many individuals that struggle with Xanax addiction will buy them off of the street from drug dealers.  This puts people in dangerous situations and also puts them at risk of getting mislabeled or even fake pills.  Another way that many Xanax addicts obtain their drug is to doctor shop until they find one or more doctors that will give them the amount and dosage that they require.  

Many times, doctors will only prescribe a certain dosage of the Xanax. They still want to reap the benefits of prescribing the drug, since it’s so beneficial monetarily. But they don’t want to get into any conflict with the Drug Enforcement Agency who keeps a very close eye on the prescribing of drugs like Xanax since they are schedule IV controlled substances. Many illegal drugs also fall into this class. So basically, these doctors are just licensed drug dealers for the poor individuals struggling with Xanax addiction treatment.

If we could make this information more available to the public so that they are aware of the side effects and physically addictive qualities of Xanax as well as other commonly prescribed addictive pills, it would give them an opportunity to decide for themselves if this is the route they want to take. Many people would choose different avenues in handling anxiety, depression, and problems sleeping if they knew the facts about Xanax addiction treatment.


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