Alaska Drug Rehab

Unfortunately there aren't nearly enough Alaska Drug Rehab residential beds available in the state for those who need an effective drug rehab program. Up to 90 percent of addicts who receive some type of treatment each year attend outpatient counseling or meetings.

In most cases, a longer-term residential (more than just 30 days) rehab program is going to produce better results. There are some scenarios where outpatient treatment is successful, given the type of program and the circumstances of the individual, but whenever possible a longer-term drug-free program is a better choice, especially if it addresses the biophysical aspects.

Alaska Crack and Cocaine Drug Rehab

Crack cocaine also continues to be a threat in Alaska, with many organizations dealing in both powder cocaine and crack. These organizations obtain cocaine from the lower 48 states. Due to Alaska’s remote location, these organizations are able to resell cocaine in Alaska at grossly inflated rates. Various criminal organizations are involved in trafficking cocaine in Alaska.

Alaska Heroin Drug Rehab

Heroin continues to be available in Alaska. Various organizations import and distribute heroin to a variety of users. Different types of heroin are available in Alaska that include Mexican, Colombian, and Southeast Asian. Most of the heroin smuggled into Alaska is of very high purity. This high purity heroin has led to an influx in heroin addiction. Alaska Heroin Drug Rehab is becoming more and more prevalent within the state.

Alaska Methamphetamine Drug Rehab

Methamphetamine continues to be available as it is often sent through the parcel service. Drug trafficking organizations obtain the majority of methamphetamine for sale in Alaska from sources in the lower 48 states. There are two types of methamphetamine in Alaska; methamphetamine that is produced locally in clandestine methamphetamine laboratories, and methamphetamine that is imported into Alaska.

Alaska Marijuana Drug Rehab

Marijuana is the most abused and widespread drug in Alaska. In June 2006, then-Alaska Governor Frank Murkowski signed HB149 which re-criminalizes the use and possession of marijuana. Almost all of the marijuana grown in Alaska is harvested in indoor growing operations. Marijuana that is cultivated in British Columbia, Canada which is commonly referred to as BC Bud continues to be available in the Anchorage area.


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