Alcohol Abuse Rehabilitation and Treatment Center

Give Up Alcohol

Alcohol is a huge part of our society. It is sold at nearly every corner store, grocery store and restaurant. It is served at all different types of functions. Weddings, graduations and company functions are all activities that more often than not will have ample supply of alcohol. Most people seem to be able to enjoy drinking without overdoing it or doing it on a regular basis, but for others the temptation to get drunk every day is too great for them to be able to give up alcohol. Drinking too much can cause disasters for people the first time they do it. Alcoholics drink too much every day, and their lives are in a constant state of confusion. People have heard of functioning alcoholics, but these people are only functioning at about ten percent of their capacity. Imagine how much better they would be doing if they were not under the influence, and eventually their lifestyle will catch up with them. Drinking too much alcohol kills brain cells and causes liver damage.

People who get drunk and go about their daily activities put themselves and everyone who crosses their paths in danger. If they are driving their senses are impaired and their judgment will be lapsed. They will not be able to properly judge distances, their speed or the speeds of others. Their reaction times will be greatly reduced and their sense of danger will be impaired. This is a recipe for disaster, but the tragedy is that it is an all too common occurrence. In any big city in America on any given weekend there will be numerous drivers on the road that are under the influence.

If a person who is drinking and driving does manage to make it without wrecking their car or hurting themselves or someone else, they can still get a dui. This will definitely be a huge problem for them. First they will have to pay a fine, the amount of which will depend on the state law where they are driving drunk, but it will be a considerable amount. Next they will have a permanent mark on their driving record. Last they most likely will have to do some jail time, again the amount of which will depend on the state where the offense was committed.

With all of these risks it just seems stupid that anyone would still drive drunk, when it would be easier to call a cab or designate a sober driver. That is exactly what alcohol makes people, stupid. The things people will do when they are drunk are usually way out of character for them otherwise, and after living this way for a while, the person will try to give up alcohol.