Alcohol Addiction Rehab

How many lost nights of sleep have you experienced due to your loved one fighting an addiction to alcohol? Waiting for the phone to ring wondering if it will be the police or a hospital calling? Find an alcohol addiction rehab for your loved one and start to sleep throughout the whole night.

How many times have you asked them to please stop drinking with no results? They tell you they will yet are unable to help themselves. The next time they come over or you go to their house the smell of alcohol is on their breath or they call on the phone and their speech is slurred yet they stick to their guns and swear they are not drinking? It is time to step in and get them the help they need to defeat their addiction to alcohol.

The first thing to do is educate yourself about alcohol addiction and rehab for alcoholics. What caused it and what are some of the symptoms?  The cause boils down to the fact that alcohol has become their solution to their problems and not a valid solution at all. In fact as their drinking has continued and increased their problems have multiplied due to the fact that they did not handle the original problem.

The symptoms for their alcohol addiction are a change of their eating and sleeping patterns, not showing up for work or family functions where they previously were dependable, slurred speech, looking flushed, having accidents due to stumbling and falling and the big one is individuating from groups they use to and enjoyed spending time with.

They individuate because they know that you know they have a problem with alcohol and are embarrassed that they are unable to stop drinking. They have become the "white elephant" in the room at family gatherings. Everyone knows there is a problem but no one wants to talk about it. This is where becoming educated about alcoholism rehabilitation and addiction comes in handy.

You will understand what is going on with them. Be ready to talk with them and listen to what they have to say. Do not judge them, listen and offer solutions. If they are completely unwilling to even broach the subject of their alcohol addiction and need for an alcohol addiction rehabilitation it might be time to call in an interventionist.

An interventionist is a person you hire whose expertise is to come between disputing people, groups, etc.; intercede; mediate. They have experience in handling people whose loved ones want help for them but they are unwilling to go to an alcohol addiction rehab. The interventionist will work with the person until they might not want to go but they become willing to go to alcohol addiction rehabilitation since every attempt they made on their own failed.

Once getting them to an alcohol addiction rehab there chance for living a life without alcohol has increased exponentially. They might not like it at first, especially as they withdraw from the alcohol, but once they start to physically feel better they will come to realize that alcoholism rehab was probably the best decision they made in their life. Most definitely the best decision to return them to the person they were before alcohol entered their life. Through alcoholism rehab, they will reclaim not only their self-esteem and respectability but they will earn the trust of family and friends and become a part of their life once again.
Our alcohol rehabilitation addiction center provides the physical, mental and emotional care that is needed to successfully treat alcohol addiction. Our staff is familiar with the difficulties of alcohol addiction. We have helped countless patients complete rehab for alcoholism and return to successfully lead sober lives. Call us today to learn about Narconon Arrowhead’s alcohol rehabilitation addiction programs.


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