Alcohol Rehabilitation

Alcohol abuse is stealing away the happiness and even the lives of millions of people around the world. The World Health Organization estimates that more than two million people die each year as a result of their alcohol abuse. Your loved one does not have to be part of this two million. You can have him (or her) back in your life, the way he was before alcohol stole him away.

One of the main problems with alcohol abuse is that it can take a long time for the real problem with this drug to become apparent. Many people drink socially without becoming alcoholics, so the person with an alcohol problem may just blend into the crowd for many years. But you know the real damage that occurs from a loved one's drinking – the arguments, the jobs that can be lost, the debts that can pile up, the abuse that occurs in so many situations. Ironically, it's those closest to the alcohol addict who usually suffer the most, like the spouse and children. Elderly parents can also be at risk for abuse and theft of their valuables.

There comes a time when the alcohol abuse must stop. Narconon Arrowhead can help. For more than twenty years, Narconon Arrowhead has been teaching alcoholics how to build new, productive and positive lives. The damage done by past alcohol abuse is gradually repaired during this long-term rehab program located in Southeast Oklahoma. A person learns to shed the pain and guilt of the past and repair relationships with family and even the community. In fifty Narconon rehab centers around the world, this program has a high rate of success in replacing the pain of addiction with a productive, enjoyable life.
Overcoming Alcohol

Recovery can start today. You can live each day without the pain of worrying about your loved one. Every night, you can find restful sleep instead of waiting for the phone to ring with bad news. Talk to the Narconon Arrowhead intake staff today and learn how they can help you. Starting with helping you understand the source of this problem and all the way through your loved one's arrival at Narconon Arrowhead's front door, our intake staff are there to help.

Call 1-800-468-6933 today to start your loved one's journey to lasting sobriety.