Treatment for Alcoholism –Plan, Program and Options

Alcoholism Treatment Plan

Alcohol treatment is what a person needs when they are battling alcoholism and have not been able to stop on their own. Alcoholism treatment must handle both the mental and physical aspects of the addiction. There are many types of alcohol treatment programs for individuals today. It is very important to research the type of programs offered and find the most effective alcohol treatment for the individual.

Some of the programs to choose from are inpatient alcohol treatment, residential alcohol treatment and holistic alcohol treatment. There are even teen alcohol treatment and adolescent alcohol treatment for those younger.

Alcohol Treatment Centers

Alcohol treatment centers are facilities which specialize in assisting those suffering from alcoholism in not only coming off alcohol through detox services but also begin the recovery process. Quiting drinkingalcohol is tough and many who try to leave alcohol addiction behind fail due to multiple factors resulting in relapse. An alcohol treatment center would, in general terms, start by having the person withdraw from alcohol over the course of a few days or longer until they can begin the treatment process. Then they would have the individual undergo either therapy of some kind, counseling, group meetings etc so that the person begins to discover why they used alcohol and how to keep from relapsing in the future. 

Inpatient alcohol treatment

Inpatient alcohol treatment is where the individual will go to the program facility and stay there until they are complete with the treatment for alcoholism. Dependent on if the program is a Twelve Steps program or an alternative program will affect the length of the program. Most inpatient alcohol services last anywhere from 30 days to 60 or 90 days. If it is a long term rehab it might last up to 6 to 9 months. While there they will help the individual through the withdrawal from alcohol and then begin teaching the program they use so the person upon completion of the program will be able to handle life without alcohol.


Residential alcohol treatment

At residential alcohol treatment the individual will actually move into the facility or the housing used and stays there for a longer period of time. Some of the residential alcohol treatment facilities will let family members move in with them. That is one of the main differences between residential and inpatient alcohol treatment. This program usually will last anywhere from 6 months to a year or more. The person will stabilize and begin living day to day life with the advantage of being in an environment that is alcohol free.

Holistic alcohol treatment

Holistic alcohol treatment programs will sometimes combine the traditional medical, psychological and spiritual programs along with non-traditional methods to suit the individuals’ needs. Many times in holistic alcohol treatment the families are treated as well as the individual battling alcoholism. Some of the holistic alcohol treatment programs are only to treat women, others are for children and some only treat men. Holistic alcohol treatment options may use  non-traditional methods which may include sauna detoxification, life skills training, meditation, yoga, fasting, vitamin therapy, biofeedback, journaling, guided imagery and Reiki to name a few.


Teen Alcohol Treatment and Adolescent Alcohol Treatment

The teen alcohol treatment and adolescent alcohol treatment are taught at a level where the younger person can understand what caused their alcoholism, what damages where done due to their alcoholism and how to deal with life without alcohol. Many of these programs are inpatient.

Alcohol Treatment Drug

Many alcohol addiction rehab centers for alcoholism will utilize an Alcohol Treatment Drug. This means they will prescribe either an anti-depressant drug to the client assuming that they are drinking to handle a condition like depression or bipolar disorder. Others will prescribe an anti-drinking drug like antibuse which causes the person to become ill if they drink alcohol while on the medication. This method of treatment is classically much less effective than more therapeutic methods like counseling and life skills improvement because the drugs don't handle the true underlying issues.
No matter what type of alcohol treatment you believe the individual needs it will be out there. Find the one that suits them and get them there as quickly as possible. Alcoholism will not just go away on its own.