Alcoholism is a very serious problem all over the world today. Whether we are discussing, alcoholism information, signs of alcoholism, alcoholism symptoms, alcoholism facts or the symptoms of alcoholism more needs to be done to help the problem. The alcoholism statistics are increasing every year. So what is alcoholism and how do you get alcoholism help?

Get yourself educated and educate as many people as possible is the first step. Teens alcoholism is on the rise and more attention needs to be put on teenage alcoholism.

In America, alcohol use extends far beyond the limits of drug use. In past surveys it shows that 51% of all Americans aged 12 or older consumed alcohol in one month prior to the survey, according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health. And alcohol abuse presents just as serious a problem as the worst drug addiction.

Alcohol consumption becomes alcohol dependence or alcoholism when it creates problems and damages lives. Most often these effects are ignored. Alcohol dependence indicates that there is an addiction to alcohol and that a person must find and consume alcohol to feel good or normal, be comfortable around other people, enjoy life, etc.

An alcohol addiction is a condition characterized by repeated, compulsive seeking and use of alcohol despite adverse social, mental or physical consequences it creates. It is usually accompanied by psychological and physical dependence on alcohol and the appearance of withdrawal symptoms when it is rapidly decreased or terminated by a person.

When alcohol addiction exists, the alcohol use controls the individual rather than the individual controlling the alcohol use. In another survey more than 23 million Americans were estimated to experience alcohol abuse. More than ten million Americans were dependent on alcohol.

Adverse effects resulting from alcohol use include failing to remember conversations or commitments, blacking out, experiencing health problems or injuries, losing prior interest in activities and hobbies that used to bring pleasure and having legal problems or problems with jobs, relationships, employment or finances. When alcohol consumption continues despite these effects, the situation meets the definition of addiction.

Many believe that alcoholism is not as bad as an addiction to street drugs or illegal drugs. These people are poorly mistaken, as alcohol is one of the main reasons for accidental fatalities such as a car crash. Many also believe that the person is only hurting themselves so why should a person care about that individual. Truth be told, alcoholism affects everyone in it path either directly or indirectly. If affects family, friends, loved ones, communities, and this nation as a whole as it cost billions of dollars each year to try to handle the drug and alcohol addiction related problems it creates for the society as a whole.

Alcoholism is a very risky addiction and needs to have more attention put on it. With the easy accessibility to alcohol more and more individuals are experimenting with it and it is creating more and more problems for each individual. We can all make a difference and start educating our youth and communities on what devastating affects alcohol can have on not only a person but an entire community. We can make a difference but first we need to get educated ourselves.