Alcohol Poisoning

In the minds of many young people, it’s a rite of passage, an escape, a release from responsibilities. It’s alcohol consumption. In the U.S., millions of young people join the party by consuming alcohol.

Unfortunately, when it goes too far, there can be short term harm or even fatal damages. That’s alcohol poisoning. While it happens among any age group, it is particularly prevalent among the young who lack experience and judgment. Nationally, eleven percent of all alcohol consumed in the US is drunk by underage drinkers. And nearly all the alcohol consumed by young people is drunk in binge drinking episodes -- five or more drinks per sitting (considered two hours) for a man and four for a woman.

The result? In 2008, there were 190,000 emergency room visits by people under 21 for problems related to alcohol, either for alcohol poisoning or injuries sustained while drinking. That’s more than 21 per hour, around the clock, seven days a week.

What exactly is alcohol poisoning? Is it just being very drunk? Yes, a person who has alcohol poisoning would be very, very drunk. But specifically, alcohol poisoning is a medical emergency that can -- and too often does -- result in death. When too much alcohol is drunk too fast, the central nervous system slows down and a person can lose consciousness. Their blood pressure and body temperature drop. They can stop breathing, go into a coma and die. It’s also common for those who are extremely drunk to vomit and if they are not positioned correctly, they will inhale the vomit and can die from asphyxiation.

When friends of someone who has alcohol poisoning just leave that person to “sleep it off,” it can happen that the drunk person will never awaken. More education is needed of young people to instruct them on how to handle a drunk person, starting with never leaving them alone and continuing with calling 911 any time a person loses consciousness.

Despite the severe consequences of heavy alcohol abuse, when a person becomes addicted to alcohol, he or she may experience these undesired results over and over again but still not be able to quit. Rather than despairing, worrying or continuing to pick up the shattered pieces, a family would be wise to help that person find an effective alcohol rehab service.

At Narconon Arrowhead located in Southeastern Oklahoma, alcoholics recover their drug-free lives at this long-term, residential rehab facility. Many alcoholics need that isolation from their usual drinking buddies and hangouts so they can focus on their recovery. The completely innovative techniques used at Narconon Arrowhead provide a reliable path back to sobriety.

From a humane, supported withdrawal process to a thorough detoxification phase that helps with cravings, to the life skills component that stands a person on his or her own two, sober feet with an understanding of how to make drug-free decisions, the Narconon program stands out as unique. Since seven out of ten graduates go on to live sober lives, it deserves a thorough look by any family facing the alcoholism of a family members. Narconon reviews indicate that lives are positively changed every day as a result of the treatment program.

The danger and the nightmare can end. Contact the Intake Counselors at Narconon Arrowhead for help in closing this chapter of a loved one’s life. Call 1-800-468-6933 today.


Narconon has many locations including the largest facility; Narconon Arrowhead as well as Narconon Vista Bay.