Alcoholism Signs and Symptoms – Alcohol Abuse Signs

Alcoholism signs differ among different types of alcoholics.  A sure fire way for a person to know he or she is an alcoholic is if they suffer from physical withdrawal symptoms when they haven’t had a drink in a long time.  Some of these symptoms include restlessness, anxiety, chills, and vomiting.  The alcohol signs and symptoms of withdrawal can be so severe that they can result in death.  A person exceptionally dependent on alcohol can suffer from seizures that can result in death outside of a medical detoxification process.
If a person must start their day with a drink to avoid the discomforts of being sober, they are chemically dependent on alcohol and must have it to function.
Another of many alcoholism signs and symptoms includes the need to drink to be rested or calm.  This is especially true if there is a dependency on alcohol to achieve sleep.  A person is an alcoholic if they need to achieve any degree of intoxication in order to sleep at night.  The same person likely depends on alcohol to achieve calmness through out the day and self medicates to deal with anxiety and uneasiness.  Such people also needs to drink to handle difficult situations, confront other people, competently engage in social situations, communicate at all, and even need alcohol to have sex.
This leads into a strange psychology.  When a person chronically becomes intoxicated, often because they harbor regrets and depression, they become masochistic.  They begin to use their addiction to cause more problems for themselves and loved ones.  For example, they will use alcohol to do harmful things that they don’t have the innate ability to do sober.  They will become drunk to degrade their mate in bed, find random partners for sexual promiscuity, get into violent altercations with strangers and even loved ones, practice infidelity with a neighbor’s spouse, and even verbally and physically damage their own children.
Other alcohol abuse symptoms  don’t necessarily constitute.  Functional alcoholics have their own alcoholism symptoms and signs.  They will find it impossible to get through the daily protocols at work and home without the solace of intoxication.  Also, because they are not in an environment where alcohol is appropriate, alcoholism signs for them includes hiding alcohol about their car, home, and workplace or office.  Some functional alcoholics will go the entire work day without drinking, but start drinking from the time they get home until bedtime.
Mood swings are also among alcoholism abuse signs and symptoms.  Impromptu anxiousness, random happiness, or unsolicited depression are some of them.  Inappropriate comments midst formal company are another.  Reliance on intoxication for social or sexual engagement is also common alcoholism signs.  DUI’s and run-ins with police may be prominent suddenly.  While many alcoho abuse signs vary to the type of alcoholic, as one’s drinking depreciates a person’s marriage, job security, friendships, hobbies, attentiveness, and hygiene; the need for life saving help grows.


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