Signs of Alcoholism

Signs of alcoholism vary as to the type of alcoholic a person is.  One sure tell tale that a person is an alcoholic is if the individual suffers from physical withdrawal symptoms when they take a long time between drinks.  Such symptoms include restlessness, anxiety, chills, and vomiting.  The withdrawal from alcohol can be so severe that they can be fatal.  A heavy drinker can suffer from seizures that can become deadly outside of a medical detox.  If a person must have a drink to start their day to avoid discomforts of being awake sober, they are chemically dependent on alcohol.

Another of many signs of alcoholism includes needing to drink to be rested, and especially a dependency on alcohol to achieve bedtime rest.  A person is an alcoholic if they need to consume drinks in order to sleep at night.  The same person likely depends on alcohol to relax through out the day and self medicates to handle anxiety and nervousness.  Such people also needs to drink to confront difficult situations, confront other people, be social, and even need alcohol to have sex.

This even leads into a strange psychosis of things.  When a person drinks, often because they harbor regrets and depression, they become masochistic.  They begin to use their very addiction to cause more problems for themselves.  For example, they will use alcohol to do harmful or degrading things that they don’t have the heart or evil in them to do sober.  They will become intoxicated to reduce the dignity of their mate in bed, go about the public to find random partners and be sexually promiscuous, get into physical altercations with strangers and even loved ones, practice infidelity with a friend’s spouse, and even verbally and physically harm their own children.

Other signs of alcoholism don’t necessarily involve such drama.  Functional alcoholics have their own signs of alcoholism.  They will find it impossible to perform daily activities at work and home without drinking.  Because they are usually not in a setting where alcohol is appropriate, signs of alcoholism for them include hiding bottles of alcohol about their car, home, and workplace or office.  Some of them will go the work day without a drink, but start methodically drinking from the time they get home until bedtime.

Mood swings are also among signs of alcoholism.  Sudden anxiousness or sudden happiness or sudden depression are some of them.  Inappropriate comments in mixed company are another.  Reliance and dependence on alcohol to interact socially or sexually are also common signs of alcoholism.  Drunk driving or other scrapes with the law surely should be alarming.  While many signs of alcoholism vary to the type of alcoholic one is, the sudden destruction of the things around a person are surely signs of alcoholism.  As ones drinking depreciates that person’s marriage, job standing, friends, activities, attentiveness, and hygiene; the need for rehabilitation grows.