Arkansas Drug Rehab

The availability and rate of drug abuse in Arkansas remain high coinciding with the smuggling of methamphetamine, cocaine, and marijuana, the drugs of choice, for local consumption and further distribution. Though smuggling methods involve all forms of transportation, the largest quantities of drugs are seized on the highways via interdiction programs.
Each year, tens of thousands of pounds of marijuana and hundreds of kilograms of cocaine are seized on Arkansas’ interstates, particularly Interstate 40. Most large seizures involve tractor-trailers, although private vehicles account for a significant percentage of total seizures, particularly methamphetamine seizures. Significant quantities of drugs are also seized from other forms of transportation including commercial air and bus service. This influx of illegal drugs into the state contributes to an increase in Arkansas drug rehab programs as well.

Crack and Cocaine Arkansas Drug Rehab

Crack cocaine, as well as powder cocaine, has continued to be significant and long term problems in the state, especially in the inner cities. Although cocaine use has been surpassed by methamphetamine use, it is the foremost concern of law enforcement authorities considering its impact on communities in terms of violent crime, including homicides, principally by street gangs. The ready availability of cocaine and the movement of street gangs beyond traditional areas of operation have led to the spread of crack to many suburban and rural areas. Crack’s explosive growth and dominance can be attributed to the drug’s wide availability, inexpensive price, simplicity of conversion from powdered cocaine hydrochloride, and its addictive properties.

Heroin Arkansas Drug Rehab

Heroin trafficking patterns in central Arkansas are difficult to discern, as there have been so few investigations of this type. What little tar heroin is encountered in central Arkansas appears to be imported into the state by the Mexican trafficking organizations already in existence. Even though law enforcement agencies in Arkansas do not identify heroin use as a significant problem, its use and abuse still leads many addicts to Arkansas Heroin Drug treatment clinics.

Methamphetamine Arkansas Drug Rehab

In less than ten years, methamphetamine has grown from a problem limited to the Southwest and Pacific regions of the United States to Arkansas’ primary drug of concern. The state is encountering locally produced methamphetamine as well as the importation of methamphetamine produced in Mexico. Not only does the state’s rural landscape provide an ideal setting for illicit manufacturing, but the wide availability of precursor chemicals also contributes to the ease of manufacturing methamphetamine. Along with the ease of manufacturing comes the relatively low cost and ease of becoming an addict. More and more Arkansas Residents are turning to Arkansas Methamphetamine Drug Rehabilitation Treatment Centers for help to overcome their addictions.

Marijuana Arkansas Drug Rehab

Marijuana is in high demand and readily available throughout Arkansas. Marijuana grown in Mexico and domestically produced marijuana are both popular in the state. The rural nature of the land, the warm climate, and long growing season afford cultivators the opportunity to produce domestic marijuana.
The traditional growing areas for domestically produced marijuana are in the eastern and northwestern regions of Arkansas. Arkansas Marijuana drug programs and rehab centres are in high demand across the state.
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