Dallas Drug Rehab

Dallas is the third-largest city in the state of Texas and the ninth-largest in the United States. The city covers 385 square miles and is the county seat of Dallas County. As of July 1, 2006, U.S. Census estimates put central Dallas at a population of over 1.2 million. The city is the main economic center of the 12-county Dallas–Fort Worth–Arlington metropolitan area—at 6 million people, it is the fourth-largest metropolitan area in the United States.


In Texas, Dallas drug rehab is in high demand and citizens are in desperate need for an answer. According to the Drug Enforcement Administration, Texas State Factsheet, the volume of illicit drugs transported through Texas by land, air and sea is immense. Most drugs are transported through Texas on their way to the major consumer markets of the Midwest and the eastern United States. Drug-related proceeds are then transported back through Texas in bulk quantities to Mexico and points beyond. Unfortunately, Dallas is a major hub for the majority of these drugs and proceeds.

The greater Dallas area primarily serves as a drug distribution and transshipment area. Drug smuggling and transportation are dominated by major Mexican trafficking organizations. These groups are poly-drug organizations smuggling methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine and marijuana to the Dallas area for distribution in the Eastern, Southeastern and Midwestern United States.

It is apparent that there is a major drug epidemic in the greater Dallas area and proven, effective drug rehabs are needed immediately. There are many options when one is searching for a drug rehab that will work for them. It has been proven that long-term inpatient drug rehab has been most effective and has produced the most successful results. When one looks for a drug rehab that best suits them they should consider a program and facility that focuses on healing both body and mind and gets the individual completely drug free. Unfortunately many facilities just replace street drug addiction with pharmaceutical drug addiction and never really get the individual 100% drug free. Methadone, suboxone and subutex treatments are examples of this and although they might temporarily reduce an addict’s cravings for drugs, they don’t provide a long term solution or answer and the person is still relying on some form of medication to function in society.

Today there are many pure, all natural, holistic drug rehab programs that provide 24 hour care, supervision and guidance to their clients. Facilities that focus on nutrition, health, exercise and life coping skills through cognitive therapy have been proven to be the most successful and effective programs. Having a clean, clear body and mind is very crucial and extremely important in attaining long term sobriety. Many drug rehab programs are available that offer an intense sauna detoxification process as the first phase of their program while focusing on mental and psychological healing as part of the second phase along with teaching situational and life coping skills through cognitive therapy. This type of cognitive treatment and therapy has been proven to be most effective and has produced the most successful results.

If you or someone you love is suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, please don’t hesitate to seek out help today. There are hundreds of Dallas drug rehab facilities that provide answers and solutions to this terrible epidemic. Don’t let drug and alcohol addiction destroy you and your loved ones any longer, find a Dallas drug rehab today.