Drug Detox Rehab and Program

Alcohol Detox

Anyone addicted to alcohol and wanting to stop drinking biggest fear is the alcohol detox. Their body has become accustomed to having alcohol in its system and they know it will be an unpleasant experience they do not want to face. Knowing what to expect will not only help you as watch them go through it but their also knowing can help them get through this difficult time.

Many people facing an alcohol addiction have become brave enough to admit they have a problem and become willing to get the help needed to regain their life from addiction to alcohol. Having admitted they need help was the first step and now they will have to go through alcohol detox, getting rid of all the toxins built up in their body from the alcohol abuse. Some not all will need a medical detox depending on how long they have been drinking and the daily amounts of alcohol taken in. Going to a medical detox they will have the close supervision of a physician. This can put everyone at ease.

Once stopping drinking there are some unpleasant symptoms during the alcohol detox and withdrawal from alcohol. Some of the symptoms of an alcohol detox can include nausea, vomiting, anxiety, seizures, insomnia, body tremors, irritability, headaches, and nightmares when they can sleep, difficulty putting their thoughts together and depression. Once again not everyone will experience these symptoms; it is dependent on the extent of their addiction.

Most of the time the alcohol detox will be done in a facility where there is medical staff available 24 hours a day. This medical detox is needed if it is likely the person is going to experience seizures. The medical staff will be on hand to give medications if necessary and make the withdrawal as easy as is possible.

Also, being in an alcohol rehab facility will increase the persons’ chance of success due to the fact alcohol will not be available and it will be difficult to leave, “escape” the facility. The staff are familiar with all the attempts and justifications a person a might use to leave and know how to handle the individual.

While detoxing and withdrawing from alcohol, alcohol will be the only thing on the persons’ mind. Their solution to the physical discomfort is more alcohol which is the last thing they need. They will go to any extreme for more alcohol but the staff will know how to handle them and get them through this.

A persons’ time detoxing varies person to person. With them understanding what is to be expected through the withdrawal period and the reason for and the length of the symptoms will help the person be more co-operative with what is needed to get through it. The person and physician if it is a medical detox will know when they are done with the alcohol detox and it is time to start the next step of the treatment.