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Alcoholism Detox

Alcoholism is a chronic illness where a person becomes dependent on the use of alcohol.   In today’s society, the consumption of alcohol has become the social norm, so telling the difference between a social drinker and an alcoholic can be difficult.  When a person has developed alcoholism, they will usually have a compulsive, uncontrollable desire to consume alcohol.  Drinking alcohol will take over an alcoholic’s life causing them to falter in other aspects of their life.  They will have problems with their job, their relationships, and other important parts of their life. The problems associated with alcoholism will only increase over time.  Finding help for someone addicted to alcohol is crucial to their health and the rest of their life.  Rehabilitation is a necessary action one must take in order to quit drinking alcohol.  The first step to recovery is putting down the alcoholic drink and detoxifying your body from all alcohol.  Alcoholism detox can be painful and difficult time for an alcoholic, but it a crucial step down the road to recovery.   

Alcohol detox is the removal off all alcohol from an individual’s body.  Because an alcoholic has been dependent on alcohol for so long, the alcohol withdrawals can be dangerous.  Detoxification from alcohol should be down under medical surveillance.  To successfully detox from alcohol, an alcoholic needs to acknowledge that they have a problem with drinking alcohol.  If they do not think they have a problem with drinking, then an alcoholic will surely return to using alcohol when they get out of treatment.  Before entering treatment, the individual should remove any alcoholic substances from their possession.  They should disconnect themselves from any friends or associates which are connected to their alcohol abuse.  An alcoholic seeking recovery should find some sort of support system through family and loved ones.  

In some situations, an alcoholic will experience some severe withdrawal symptoms, such as seizures, delirium tremens and hallucinations. Severe symptoms usually occur when a person has been consuming large amounts of alcohol over a long period of time. These symptoms require the use of certain medications.  These medications will help reduce or prevent these withdrawal symptoms.  Benzodiazepine is the primary drug used to treat alcoholism, helping to reduce anxiety, prevent seizures, and lower the risk of delirium tremens.  Medical detoxification can be effective in the prevention of pain and other severe withdrawal symptoms, but the person can become dependent to the medication.  The use of medication during withdrawal should be closely monitored.  When the person going through detox no longer requires the medication, they should be taken off of the medication to prevent any dependency.  

Alcoholism detox is only the first step to recovery, but with the rehabilitation treatment, a person will no longer want or need alcohol in their life.  If you know someone who is suffering from alcoholism, finding a treatment center for them is crucial to saving that person’s life.