Drug Detox Rehab and Program

Body Detox

Body Detox occurs when a person has become physically dependent on a certain substance. It can occur with both drugs and alcohol. A person continually puts an intoxicating substance into their bodies and they become dependent on it to feel normal. Once their bodies get used to having a foreign substance in their system all of the time, it starts to depend on this to function normally. When the person stops ingesting the substance, they may have trouble eating, sleeping, or with any of their normal functions.

This is one of the main reasons it is so hard for addicts to stop using their drug. They would rather continue to harm themselves and spend all of their money and risk their freedom than go through these painful and possibly deadly withdrawals. In addition to this is the mental peace they obtain from the high, which is usually the reason they start to use the drug in the first place. Drugs cause the release of dopamine in the brain, which makes people feel happy and optimistic. Prolonged use of drugs will damage these receptors so that the drug is required to just feel normal. When the addict stops using, they will be extremely depressed, angry and irritated. They may also be in intense pain and discomfort.

After having all of these issues facing them if they try to quit, it is understandable why it is so easy for them to chose to keep using rather than to stop and suffer through the withdrawals. Addicts will do anything to get more money or drugs. Many prostitutes are trapped in the life because of their need for drugs. Criminals are very often motivated by the need to keep going with their addiction.

Once a person has become addicted their minds and bodies are totally controlled by the drug. They may see the damage they are causing to themselves, their loved ones and their communities, but they will be too distracted by the uncontrollable urge to get more drugs. People with many big responsibilities are no exception to this rule. Drug addiction can touch anyone, anywhere at any time. It is reasonable that people in high up positions got there being sober, and then began their addiction. It may have started in any number of ways, but chances are it will end in the same way that most addictions end. The results are jail, poverty and death.

Body Detox means that people have gotten all of the drug toxins out of their bodies. Once the toxins are gone they do not have the physical cravings for the substance. They may still have mental and emotional cravings, though. It is very important that you get someone help if they are caught up in addiction, and try to get them detoxed as quickly and comfortably as possible.