Drug Detox Rehab and Program

Detox Programs

When a person has decided they have had enough of trying to kick their drug habit on their own, they may opt to check into Detox programs. A person will be able to find a sort of sanctuary away from drugs and the pressures of everyday life that may have led them to drug abuse. They will have the support and direction of professionals who have experience with the problems facing drug addicts when they quit doing their drugs. They will be able to get their bodies back into good physical shape, and they will have a clear mind in order to figure out the best things for their lives. When an addict first checks into a Detox program, they may be high, but as soon as the effects of the drug wear off, they will begin an uncomfortable and sometimes very dangerous withdrawal period. During this time the person will most likely sleep, or lay in bed most of the day, seeing as they are really not capable of doing much else. This is the period of time that will be the most difficult for the addict; due to the intense physical cravings they have for the drug just to feel normal.

Once the addict passes the physical cravings for the drug, they will have to face the mental and emotional cravings they have. Depending on the drug, the cravings will be different. If they are addicted to stimulants, they will feel that they have no energy or interest in daily activities or tasks. If they are addicted to depressants, they may find activities throughout the day to be too stimulating. If they are addicted to benzos, they may feel a lot of anxiety just talking or being around people, and it will be especially hard for all of these types to address their feelings or emotional experiences.

It is not only the constant cravings that are dangerous to an addict’s sobriety. They may feel that they are fine and do not want to do the drug any more, but when, not if, a stressful situation occurs that they feel they cannot deal with, they are so used to medicating their discomfort with drugs, that they see that as the surest way to stop the pain. It may be so intense for the addict, seeing as they have not truly dealt with their emotions without drugs for a long time, that they would rather trade the future pain of relapsing for a good feeling right now.

Qualified detox programs will be well versed in these symptoms, and will know what to do in order to help the addict overcome his addiction and stay sober in the future and live happy productive lives.