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Niacin Detox – Niacin for Drug Detoxification

Niacin is an organic compound made up of chemical substances which have the ability to dilate blood vessels and help improve blood circulation.  Not only can Niacin help lower cholesterol, but it can also help in the detoxification of the body.  Niacin detox can be a very effective method of ridding the body of all its toxins. When toxins accumulate in a person’s body, they are usually stored in the fat cells.  Their several different ways the body can be exposed to toxins.  Over exposure to the sun can actually be toxic.  There are toxins in water and food that the body will absorb and store.  Any sort of drugs, whether they are legal or illegal, contain toxins which will be stored in the body.  These toxins will build up in the fatty tissues and removing the toxins can be very difficult.  The Nicotinic acid in niacin has the ability to dilate the capillaries, surrounding the fatty tissues.  When these capillaries are dilated, they can reach the fatty tissue and possibly flush out the toxins which are stored in the fat cells.  This process is known as the niacin drug detox program.

In the niacin for drug detox program, individuals are giving large amounts of niacin, followed by a brief period of exercise.  The exercise is used to increase the body’s heart rate which helps spread the niacin throughout the body.  After a brief period of exercise, the individual then enters a sauna.  In the sauna, a person’s body will sweat heavily.  The person should stay in the sauna for approximately three to four hours a day.  While in the sauna, a person should drink plenty of water to replace the water they will be sweating out.  A person should periodically take showers to wash away the sweat.  This helps prevent the toxins in the sweat from being reabsorbed into the body.  As the Niacin breaks down the toxins stored in the fatty tissue, the sauna will force the toxins out of the body by way of sweating. The person should ingest different types of healthy, high quality oils which will help replace the toxic fat cells being removed.  Releasing the toxins from the fat cells is made easier when given these oils.  A person going through a niacin detoxification program should have a healthy diet consisting of large amounts of fruits and vegetables. The Niacin detoxification program can be a very effective way to rid the body of and toxins.  Before taking part in a niacin for detox program, a person should check with a doctor to make sure that they are healthy enough to partake in these strenuous activities.

A lifetime of exposure to toxic materials and chemicals can cause the human body to become unhealthy and unclean.  A person’s body can be ridded of all toxins by taking part in a niacin detox.  A niacin detox is a healthy, natural way to rid the body of any toxins stored in the fatty tissues. 


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