Self-help Guide to Withdrawal Available

addict needing help

Substance abuse statistics from around the world are staggering. 

Drug use is the underlying factor in many of today's societal problems including, crime, child abuse, spread of HIV and other diseases, auto accidents and much more. Entire nations are driven to apathy concerning the subject of drug addiction due to a lack of workable solutions or, in some cases, very few rehabilitation centers at all to even begin to address the issue.

The very first step to drug rehabilitation is to get the addict off the drugs and through the withdrawal stage. One method that is receiving a lot of attention is used by the NarcononĀ® Drug Rehabilitation and Education Program. 

Narconon is a totally drug-free program. This means substitute drugs are not used in the rehabilitation process, and achieves an extremely high success rate for helping individuals around the planet overcome addiction.

Narconon programs operate in 37 countries around the world. Narconon staff have visited a number of countries recently at the request of government officials and rehabilitation professionals and found that they are desperate for a workable method that will help their people. Here in the U.S., where we have thousands of treatment centers and other substance abuse programs, we still find 22 million drug addicts searching for solutions.

Drug use results in dramatic vitamin and mineral deficiencies in the body. It is only when a person stops taking the drug that the physical pain and emotional distress caused by these deficiencies become evident, so much so that seemingly the only solution for the addict is to take more of the drug. 

The Narconon program, using the drug-free social education methodology of American author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard, is now teaching the general public how to help someone through withdrawal by applying nutritional supplements and exercises that promote extroversion. These steps, with the right combination and sequence, aid the addict through what could normally be an extremely difficult process in usually less time more comfortably.

This process is simply called the Narconon First Step program and the book to learn how to help someone through a drug-free withdrawal is available through Narconon Arrowhead.  To find out more about the program or free information about drugs and how to overcome addiction, call 1-800-468-6933 today.