Drug Addiction

Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is an ever growing problem facing the World we live in today. It has truly reached epidemic proportions and more and more people are suffering from this condition every day. It could be due in part to the lack of drug information available to the public. Whatever the case, drug use is on the rise. If one looks at the drug facts about the drug addict it is apparent that drug and alcohol abuse is on the rise.

Prescription drug addiction is one of the worst problems in the drug statistics today. If one looks at the heroin facts they will see that methadone is freely prescribed as an answer to this addiction. What is methadone? Methadone is an opiate that has similar effects to a user as heroin. The problem is that while it takes away the withdrawal symptoms of the heroin, methadone itself has a far worse withdrawal than heroin and is far more addictive. While the heroin effects will last for a few days to a week, methadone withdrawals can last up to several months. One would think that with this difference in drug recovery time people would not chose to go on methadone, but the facts are that they cannot legally get in trouble for this and it is cheaper because it is provided by the government.

Drug addictions are often addressed by drug counseling. Drug addiction counseling has been used for a long time, but the drug addiction statistics keep getting worse. Drug and alcohol addiction treatment needs a much more proactive approach. Drug intervention has been a good way for people to get drug addiction help for their loved ones. This is when the drug addict is confronted, sometimes with family members, but always with a professional drug and alcohol interventionist present. The objective is to show the addict all of the pain and distress they have caused their loved ones to go through.

If you have questions about yourself or someone you know concerning whether or not drug addiction is the case, here are some tell tale signs you can look for. If the person tries to quit, they will become sick and irritable. They will have anxiety and will not want to eat, sleep or do anything without the drug in their system. If the person is paranoid, always running to the bathroom and has a runny nose, these could be signs of cocaine use.

Many different types of drug addiction exist, but no matter the substance, help is needed and the person is facing incredible odds if they want to quit. It is very important that the addict has people who care about them trying to help them, because they will not likely succeed if it is solely up to them.