Club Drug Rehab New York City

As New York City's teens get high in the club the need for club drug rehab becomes a hot topic.

Club Drugs present an increasing threat to New York City. Club Drugs include MDMA; GHB and its analogs; the hallucinogens LSD, PCP, and ketamine. Also known as Adam, ecstasy, XTC, E, and X, MDMA (3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine) is a stimulant and low-level hallucinogen. MDMA is readily available in New York City and continues to be more commonly available and abused than any other club drug in the city. MDMA is most commonly used by teens and young adults. New York City's need for club drug rehab, education, and addiction treatment is rising rapidly.

Many law enforcement and health authorities report an increase in the abuse of club drugs in New York City. Several law enforcement agencies report an increased level of MDMA abuse, particularly among teenagers and young adults who attend raves and techno parties where many of these drugs are readily available and frequently abused. Law enforcement agencies are interested in the idea of club drug rehab in hopes of reducing the problem.

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