Cocaine Drug Rehab New York City

Cocaine addiction strikes New York City and the need for effective cocaine drug rehab is a prevalent issue.

Cocaine, particularly crack, is a serious drug threat to New York City. Powdered cocaine and crack cocaine are readily available, commonly abused, and more frequently associated with violent crime than any other illicit drug in the state. Cocaine abuse is prevalent in the city, and abuse among young people is a particular concern as well as effective cocaine drug rehab.

New York City serves as a major transportation hub, distribution center, and transshipment point for significant quantities of cocaine. Colombian and Dominican DTOs and criminal groups are the primary transporters of cocaine into New York City. Mexican criminal groups also transport significant quantities to New York City. Most of the cocaine transported to Upstate New York City is transported from New York City in private vehicles and, to a lesser extent, on trains and buses. As the venues for transportation and distribution expand the need for cocaine drug rehab, education and addiction treatment becomes a hot topic for the area.

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