Meth Drug Rehab New York City

Methamphetamine abuse is increasing in New York City yearly, as is the need for methamphetamine drug reheab.

Methamphetamine poses a low but increasing threat to New York City. Methamphetamine abuse generally is limited to certain segments of the population. Most of the methamphetamine available in New York City is produced in California and southwestern states; however, a limited number of methamphetamine laboratories have been seized in Upstate New York City and on Long Island. Methamphetamine drug rehabs would help curb the increasing use of the drug in the city.

Methamphetamine is transported into New York City primarily by couriers who travel on commercial flights to the West Coast to purchase one-half pound to 1 kilogram of methamphetamine and then return to the state. Local independent dealers distribute methamphetamine at raves, techno parties, and nightclubs. Members of OMGs also distribute methamphetamine in New York City. As the transportation and distribution expands the need for methamphetamine drug rehab, drug education and addiction treatment becomes a prevelant issue for the area.

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