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While many other states in the US have been able to clamp down on the availability of illicitly used prescription drugs, the Tampa Bay area has not yet had the same success. Tampa is known to many people all over the Eastern and Southeastern US as the place to go to acquire prescription drugs to abuse or to sell. There are also still internet pharmacies based in Tampa that will sell controlled drugs online while in many other states, these have been put out of business.

Acceding to drug rehab Tampa sources, prescription drug abuse is not only followed by addiction, it is followed by higher levels of crime as those who are addicted try to acquire funds with which to buy more drugs or rob homes or pharmacies to directly get their hands on the pills.
As in the case of Anthony Moldenhauer, a 27 year old man in Tampa. In August, 2011, he was accused of having walked up to the pharmacy counter of a grocery store, jumped over, found the OxyContin and fled with six bottles. As Oxys sell for as much as a dollar a milligram (Oxys can be found in 80 mg caplets), this was quite a haul.
Tampa Bay has seen prescription drug deaths double between 2005 and 2009, up to 681. In 2011, just across the bay in Pinellas County, a person overdosed on prescription drugs every 35 hours.
In September, 2011, the local sheriff’s department staged a special roundup of 175 people wanted for doctor-shopping or illicit sales of prescription drugs. One deputy estimated that this group of people was probably responsible for something like 100,000 doses of OxyContin hitting the streets for people to abuse.
But prescription drugs are far from the only drug scourge in the region. Crack cocaine and marijuana are also in ample supply. While some parts of the US have seen shortages of cocaine, in Tampa Bay no shortages have been seen, perhaps because of the long-standing direct channels to South American suppliers. The Tampa Bay media run a steady stream of articles on crack arrests – a high school teacher, a ring of seven manufacturers and distributors, a former NFL player.

Marijuana in the area could come from Mexico like most of the country’s supply, but it could also come from the many hydroponic grow operations in the Tampa Bay area or across Central Florida. Cubans and Vietnamese citizens or illegals are very likely to be involved in setting up these grows in empty houses and then selling the crops. In Central Florida, 20% more hydroponic marijuana is seized than commercial (Mexican) marijuana. In 2008, more than 12,000 pounds of hydroponic marijuana and 9,500 pounds of commercial marijuana were seized.

The number of people addicted to any of these substances or to alcohol makes it difficult to bring the Tampa substance abuse situation  under control. By definition, an alcoholic has lost control of his or her drinking and needs trained alcohol rehab Tampa providers to aid in recovery. For a drug addict or an alcoholic, the next hit, snort, drink or needle seems as important as the next breath. Laws and law enforcement personnel alone are unlikely to be a sufficient deterrent for an addicted person; effective Tampa drug rehab programs and rehab Tampa professionals are required.

Tampa Substance Abuse and Addiction rehab is Necessary to Derail this Train

It’s like a train going down the tracks, the drive of those addicted to crack cocaine, alcohol, marijuana or prescription drugs in the Tampa area to obtain and consume drugs. The only way to completely derail this train is with effective drug rehabilitation in Tampa alcohol rehab and drug rehab programs. Arrests and incarceration alone will never accomplish the goal. Those who need drugs above all other human needs must achieve sobriety for the demand to drop.
And Florida has a relatively high number of Tampa drug rehab centers and Tampa alcohol rehab centers  for its size – 464 facilities for Florida’s 18 million residents. Considering that an estimated 1.3 million people were addicted or dependent on drugs or alcohol in 2009, this means one Tampa rehab center  for each 2,780 people. Since most of the Tampa rehab facilities are fairly small or outpatient, or only dole out methadone or buprenorphine, not that many people may be able to find long-term Tampa rehab care of more than 90 days, the type of care recommended by the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

At Narconon Arrowhead in Canadian, Oklahoma, those who are addicted seeking a qualified rehab center Tampa, in Florida or elsewhere any other state can find effective drug rehabilitation that puts them back on the road to a sober life. The Narconon program delivered at the Arrowhead facility is a long-term, residential program that gets to the bottom of why a person began using drugs to begin with. Each important factor involved in perpetuating addiction is dealt with, as it should be to enable long-lasting sobriety after graduation. Guilt, cravings and depression can be addressed without prescribing more drugs as many of the rehab centers Tampa offers do, but just through rational, healthy approaches.
Narconon Arrowhead’s location in the middle of the country means that it is easy to reach from every corner of the US. The rural location, surrounded by woods and lakes, provides welcome relaxation t o a person who has been stressed by alcoholism or drug abuse, as opposed to the noise and distractions of big city Tampa rehab centers.

For information on how the Narconon program compares to traditional drug rehab Tampa programs and a confidential, compassionate interview, contact the intake counselors at 800-468-6933 today.


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