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Throughout the state of Kentucky, diverted pharmaceuticals such as Lorcet, Lortab, and Oxycontin continue to be a major drug problem. Kentucky is also experiencing an explosive growth in the number of methamphetamine laboratories. The first laboratories began showing up in the western part of the state in 1998 and have now rapidly spread eastward. Kentucky is also one of the leading source states for domestically grown marijuana. Cocaine use is increasing in the metropolitan areas of the state. The abuse of club drugs such as ecstasy and GHB has also increased in the Lexington area.

Cocaine is readily available in all the larger metropolitan areas. Cocaine trafficking organizations are comprised of Caucasians, African-Americans, and Hispanics. In some cases, multi-kilos of cocaine arrive directly from the Southwest Border region via vehicle. In other instances, it is obtained from traffickers in large cities such as Chicago or Detroit. Federal Express and UPS have also been utilized by traffickers to import smaller amounts of cocaine. Cocaine abuse is so widespread that it can be obtained at just about any location; bars, nightclubs, restaurants, street sales, and houses. Heroin is extremely rare in the state of Kentucky.

When encountered, heroin is usually found in user amounts and sources are in either Cincinnati or Detroit. kentucky methamphetamine arrestsIn-state methamphetamine production has become a significant issue in Kentucky. The number of laboratories seized in Kentucky almost doubled from 66 laboratories in 1999 to 120 laboratories in 2001, leading to greater availability of meth throughout the state.

Meth usage among teenagers is significantly higher in Kentucky (12.7%) than the national average (9.1%). Meth is readily available in the Lexington area and is increasing in availability throughout eastern Kentucky. The explosive growth of meth manufacturing is spreading rapidly eastward across Kentucky. Most of the laboratories seized in the eastern part of Kentucky are small, “box” labs, capable of producing an ounce or less at a time. Several individuals working cooperatively to obtain the precursors and equipment operate these labs and then share the final product. Mexican-produced meth is also available in the Lexington area. The source area for Mexican methamphetamine is California and it is usually smuggled into Lexington via express mail services such as UPS or FEDEX. Over the road truck drivers also smuggle meth from California. As with all the other drugs, meth is sold in bars, nightclubs, restaurants, and on the street.

During 2008, there were 56,376 arrests for drug abuse violations in Kentucky. Additional 2007-2008 NSDUH results indicate that 101,000 (2.94%) Kentucky citizens reported illicit drug dependence or abuse within the past year. Approximately 71,000 (2.07%) reported past year illicit drug dependence. These alarming statistics go to show how serious the drug problem is within the state of Kentucky.