Phoenix Drug Rehab

Arizona is directly north of the Mexican State of Sonora, a major trafficker stronghold which has experienced a significant increase in violence associated with drug smuggling over the past year. As Mexico’s largest city, Phoenix is a major target from drug trafficking organizations. These drug traffickers bring the drugs up through the Mexican U.S. border, and many of the drugs are distributed to the residents of Phoenix. Phoenix is a major transshipment point for cocaine distribution throughout the United States. Methamphetamine is also a significant threat to the Phoenix residents. Large quantities of meth are brought into Phoenix for distribution, or in preparation to be sent to another location around the country. Although heroin is not amongst the top threats, The City of Phoenix continues to remain the greatest area in the state for heroin availability. Residents can easily acquire heroin in the metropolitan area of Phoenix. Although no the biggest drug threat, Marijuana is the most widely available and abused drug in the Phoenix area. Drug addiction and abuse affects not only those using the drug, but every resident in Phoenix.

Drug addiction usually ruins the life of the individual using the drug and it tears apart the families and friendships associated with the addiction. Around the country drug abuse has become an ever growing issue, and the city of Phoenix is no exception. Drug abuse in Phoenix is affecting not only the users but every resident of the Phoenix area. Emotional issues, poverty, and curiosity have turned people on to using illicit drugs. With the poor economy around the country, many individuals are jobless and stuck at home. This causes depression and boredom, both of which can lead people to drug abuse. Residents of Phoenix are not only being exposed to drugs, but they are also being exposed to violence associated with drugs. Much of the violent crimes in Phoenix can be tied in some way to drug distribution or drug abuse. The drug threats in Phoenix consist of pretty much any drug that can be found around the country. Cocaine, heroin, and meth are a few of the highly addictive drugs threatening Phoenix citizens. Drugs are destroying Phoenix, and without an effective Phoenix Drug Rehab the addiction problem will only get worse. Effective drug treatment and drug education may be the only way to fight against illicit drug abuse and addiction. With effect drug and alcohol rehabilitation, the residents of phoenix suffering from drug addiction can have a chance to return to a normal and sober life style.

Phoenix is experiencing escalated violence associated with drug and human trafficking along the border. This increasingly violent drug activity is a result of conflict among cartels to control key drug and human smuggling routes into the United States. United States border communities have become vulnerable to the spill-over of drug related violence from Mexico. Conflicts over control of smuggling routes have expanded drug-related violence to border communities. Arizona’s 370-mile border with Mexico consists of sparsely populated areas, vast expanses of rugged mountainous terrain aligned in north-south corridors, and broad valleys and deserts providing unlimited opportunities for drug-related activity.

Phoenix is the capital and the most populous city of the U.S. state of Arizona and the county seat of Maricopa County, as well as being the largest state capital in the United States by population. It is the largest city in the American Southwest and the Mountain Time Zone, and is the region's primary government, cultural, economic, and transportation center. Phoenix is located along the banks of the now normally dry Salt River. The city's estimated population as of 2006 was 1,512,986, making it the fifth largest city in the United States. At 515 square miles, its city proper is the 10th largest land area for a city in the United States, resulting in a lower population density. As of 2006, the Phoenix Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) was the 13th largest in the United States, with an estimated population of 4,039,182.

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