Why There is a Growing Need for Drug Addiction Rehab Centers

No matter ahow many new drug addiction rehab centers go into a community, it seems like the supply is always a little short of the demand in the United States. In other words, drug addiction rates are growing at a very rapid pace, making the continual growth in the number of good drug addiction rehab centers an important goal. In any given year in the United States, thousands of people are searching for a good drug treatment program. There has been a lot of recent growth in the demand for prescription drug addiction rehab centers. So the needs are not just in the prototypical inner city districts of old.

Additionally, as prescription narcotics become more popular as a regular part of chronic pain treatment programs, larger percentages of the population stand to develop addictions to these drugs. Some may even argue that pharmaceutical companies are encouraging the overuse and overexposure of people to narcotics. A lot must be done to protect society from drug addiction in the future from legal sources as well as illicit.

Why Rehab Centers are Necessary

Again, it appears that not much can really be done about this complex issue than to have good drug addiction rehab centers available to the public. Millions of people are struggling with drug addiction and thousands are seeking treatment each year according to statistics.

Some estimates of illicit drug addiction alone are at 5% of the population. If 1 out of 20 people you meet is addicted to an illegal drug, and many others have hidden addictions to their prescription painkillers, it only takes a walk down a busy street to understand just how big this problem is and how many more of these drug addiction rehab centers we are going to need.

Perhaps the strongest and most prevalent drug addictions we face are not prescription or illicit, but alcohol and nicotine. These drugs are both just as deadly and addictive as many of their peers. As with illicit drug use, it has proven extremely difficult to battle the sources of these products. So having places to treat these addictions is very important.

On the positive side, many drug addiction rehab centers are popping up across the nation each day. And, many of these centers are run by churches and other nonprofit groups that are willing to provide free or low-cost treatment and counseling. While people may be more apt to follow through after spending a lot of money to take part in expensive drug addiction rehab programs, many people addicted to drugs have no money left to attend the drug addiction rehab center programs that offer these expensive programs.

As a society, we need to encourage the growth and stability of these drug addiction rehab centers. The costs of drug addiction to society are too high to ignore. All of us are greatly impacted by drug addiction indirectly on a daily basis, and at some point in life directly.