Christian Rehab

A Christian rehab program does not abandon what is effective about other rehabs, and Christian rehab will use medical treatment where appropriate, as well as counseling, cognitive behavioral modification therapy and group therapy; but where it differs is through the additional use of the scriptures, and the power of Jesus Christ to heal the spiritual destruction of an addiction, as well as heal the spiritual absence that allowed the addiction to occur in the first place. Individuals enrolling in a Christian rehab center may be physically dependent on drugs or alcohol, and these people will need to first undergo a medically supervised detoxification process. Christian rehab embraces medical science and uses all available tools to see an addict through this extremely difficult detoxification period, as safely and humanely as possible. The detoxification process is the first necessary step on the road to recovery, and in a Christian rehab, individuals will be medically monitored and supervised around the clock.  Only when physical dependency has ended with a thorough detoxification, can mental, psychological and spiritual healing begin.

The philosophy behind a Christian rehab is that traditional methods of rehabilitation are a necessary and worthy part of the process to recovery, but although they are effective and necessary, they alone do not offer the addict enough and one can not fully overcome addiction without addressing their spiritual needs along with confronting the issues that led them to abusing drugs and/or alcohol in the first place that created an addiction.  

Christian rehab providers don’t necessarily just focus and address alcohol and substance abuse addictions, but may also include treating gambling addictions, eating disorders and sex addictions.  These Christian services give individuals the opportunity to experience recovery and create a solid relationship with Jesus Christ.  This blended treatment approach integrates Christian services with proven and effective traditional drug and alcohol treatment therapy producing successful results and giving addicts and alcoholics hope for a brighter future.   

Any program that promotes healing and provides treatment for every aspect of addiction is bound for success and going to inevitably achieve positive results.  If a Christian rehab is not for you, there are many other successful programs to choose from.  There are holistic programs, twelve step programs, inpatient programs, outpatient programs and numerous alternative programs if one feels that Christian rehab is not for them.   

Different types of drug rehab rely on different philosophies on the nature of addiction, available resources, and the degree of cooperation from the patient. The medical, psychological, and judicial system all disagree on which programs are most successful therefore there are a variety of paths towards recovery. While varied, all of these treatment options go through similar stages, beginning with detoxification, going through therapy, and ending in a gradual integration into employment and housing and back into society.  Whether it’s a Christian rehab program or other type of program, the bottom line is that the person gets some type of help and confronts their addiction.