Kick Addiction with Effective Heroin Rehab

A person addicted to heroin knows how hard it is to “kick”, in other words get off of. They also know to increase the odds of defeating an addiction to heroin they need a heroin rehab. They need a rehab  for heroin due to the fact of how physically addictive it is. Heroin is a narcotic that is considered a hard drug: a highly addictive morphine derivative in which intravenous injection provides the fastest and most intense rush.  If you are looking for rehab heroin treatment call Narconon Arrowhead today and get started on the road to recovery.

Heroin’s “slang terms are smack, junk, skag, “H”, Brown Horse, Harry, Boy and China White amongst a few. The way people use heroin is by inhaling it as a powder through the nose, inhale as smoke through a straw (chasing the dragon), smoked in water or a standard pipe, mixed in a marijuana joint or regular cigarette and as mentioned above intravenously. Intravenous injection of heroin is usually the end result of having already tried the other methods of getting high.

Once a person first tries heroin they get a euphoric rush, everything is okay in their world. Usually first times user will snort or smoke the heroin. As they continue to use  the heroin it takes more to get the same high and they then become willing to try shooting the heroin in a vein. The effect is immediate. Like the other ways of administering the heroin their tolerance builds and they need more and more to get high.

Once a person is addicted they continue chasing that first few highs they got in the beginning of their “experimentation” with heroin. The experimentation period is short lived and they become addicted, physically. They now need to take the drug to just feel normal. As the addiction continues, they must now have the heroin to not become physically ill.

The physical illness, withdrawal, from heroin is every, and I do mean every heroin addicts’ worst nightmare. They will do anything to not have to experience the withdrawal from the drug including lying, cheating, prostituting themselves and stealing to be able to get that next hit of the drug to not become “dope sick”.

Withdrawing, “kicking” or “dope sick” consists of 4-5 days up to a week plus of vomiting, diarrhea, stomach cramps, bones that feel like glass which will shatter with the lightest touch, headaches, hot and cold sweat and chills, insomnia, leg jerks, irritability and depression. It has been referred to by those in heroin rehab as “the Superflu x 10”.

Is it any wonder a person addicted to heroin is afraid to quit? That is why rehab for heroin is the answer for a person wanting to live a life free from heroin. Heroin rehabilitation will get the person through the kick and then give them the tools and ability to make the right choices and live a life free from heroin. If you or a loved one is looking for heroin rehabs, call us today and get the rehab heroin treatment help you need.


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