Marijuana Rehab

Marijuana usage has become a growing trend over the years especially with teens. The first drug teens are introduced to is mainly marijuana and it starts from there. A recent teen addiction statistic graph that shows persons twelve years and older and what the first illicit drug they used was. This goes to show that it usually starts out with marijuana and can be stopped at just that before damage is done to mind or body.

What Happens To The Addict

A person addicted to marijuana goes through many things in an attempt to justify their use of the drug or to put off quitting or going to marijuana rehab. Some common things that addicts have reported saying are as follows:

•    Now is just not a good time to quit.
•    I just want to get high one more time.
•    Marijuana is natural and can’t hurt you.
•    I’m not hurting myself because I am using.
•    It’s not affecting me negatively.
•    I will quit using in a couple of days.
•    Marijuana is not as bad as other drugs.

While marijuana use can seem harmless to the user at first there are many negative side effects. Marijuana slows down your brain and has negative effects on the heart rate and the lungs.  

Marijuana also changes the thinking process and emotional state, and eating habits of the user.

Once a person sees this and realizes they need help, it may be too late. There are many rehabilitation facilities that exist that can achieve positive results with marijuana addiction treatment.

Marijuana Treatment Admissions

According to Treatment Episodes Data, more and more individuals are seeking treatment for marijuana addiction. In addition more than 16% of all treatment admissions are for marijuana with averages of 250,000 per year enrolling into treatment per year.

The highest percentage of age groups going into treatment for marijuana are those ages 15-19, and ages 20-24.

Unfortunately the most common age for trying the drug is between 13 and 14 years old.

The Solution

The Narconon drug and alcohol treatment program is a good option for marijuana rehab. The facility is inpatient and allows clients to really focus on both the mental and physical aspects of their addiction.

Narconon has a one of a kind sauna detox process that helps to eliminate marijuana toxins from the body and drastically reduce physical drug cravings. Many marijuana users have reported that physical drug cravings are the number one reason for relapse and for not being able to quit using the drug.

The program also uses Life Skills to focus on major components of addiction including repairing broken relationships because of drug use, adopting a new moral code, and helping the addicted person to learn about personality traits of those in their environment, and to associate themselves with those who are positive support systems for them.

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