Recovery Center

Drug and alcohol addiction has become a huge problem and epidemic across the entire United States and residents are desperately seeking out immediate help.  A recovery center is a place where individuals can go to seek refuge from alcohol and drug abuse or addiction.  There are thousands of people every year affected by this terrible widespread problem and are looking for an effective and successful recovery center.   There are many different types of recovery centers.  People all over the United States suffer from all different types of addictions such as drug and alcohol addictions, gambling addictions, eating disorders, sex addictions even addiction to the internet.  When one suffers from one or all of these addictions they not only are hurting themselves but are affecting their loved ones and family members around them and most likely need a recovery center to help rehabilitate them.    Although there are several different types of behavioral issues and problems that involve recovery centers, there are other types of recovery centers as well.  For example, there are services such as mail recovery.  The U.S. Postal Service operates large facilities called Mail Recovery Centers (MRCs), as “dead letter offices” have been known officially since 1992. (Formerly, there was also an MRC here in San Francisco.) The Post Office established the first dead letter office in 1825; from then until 1917, all undeliverable mail was sent to a single, central location in Washington, D.C. But given the staggering number of such items—now on the order of 80 million per year—it made more sense to decentralize the effort somewhat.

Items arrive at the nearest MRC when they can be neither delivered nor returned—meaning both the recipient’s address and the sender’s address are incorrect, illegible, or missing. There, the pieces follow one of two paths—one for letters, one for parcels. Letters are scanned by machine for currency, checks, or other items of obvious value. If such enclosures are discovered, the envelopes are opened and examined. (Incidentally, Mail Recovery Center clerks are the only people who can legally open someone else’s mail—for everyone else, it would be a federal offense.) The Post Office makes an effort to locate either the sender or the recipient, using any clues available in the letter itself; if successful, they return the valuables. The rest of the letters are unceremoniously shredded—love letters, poems, manifestos, everything.

Although a great many of the items that arrive in Mail Recovery Centers are truly dead, the purpose of the facilities is in fact to resurrect as many as possible—they’re really undead letter offices. Mail Recovery Center employees have found an astonishing variety of items—not only common items like books and CDs but jewelry, computers, live animals, drugs, guns, human remains, and everything else imaginable. And, from all accounts, they find it quite rewarding to reunite lost belongings with their owners. It sounds like the perfect job for someone who still loves getting surprises in the mail.