Drug and alcohol abuse has become a major problem and is on the rise throughout the country. Citizens are in desperate need of help immediately as addiction and abuse continue to worsen. Looking for effective and proven drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs can be very difficult, time consuming and frustrating. There are so many drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation programs out there to choose from so how does one know which one will suit them best? When deciding on a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program one must consider three things.  The length of the program, the curriculum of the program and the success rate should all be considered by the individual or families looking for treatment.  Statistics have consistently shown that long-term in-patient rehabilitation programs have produced the best results and most success.  Drug and alcohol addiction has become a huge problem and epidemic across the nation and must be addressed immediately.

Rehabilitation is defined by Webster’s College dictionary as: 1) to restore to good health or useful life, as through education and therapy and 2) to restore to a former state.  Proven and successful drug and alcohol rehabilitation has continually focused on handling all aspects of addiction.  Research and statistics have shown that in order to “restore an individual back to a former state” one must handle every component of addiction.  The physical component, the mental/emotional/psychological components and the environmental components must all be fully confronted and addressed in order to be successful.  Every alcoholic and addict admits that guilt and depression can trigger further substance use and abuse.  Through successful therapeutic approaches, one has the means to unburden a person from this type of tough emotional baggage.  A successful rehabilitation program emphasizes life skills training and educates individuals on how to be in better control of themselves and their environment so that they truly are in a position to handle life’s problems and tough environmental situations, and are not deterred from their goals, just to name a few examples.

Addressing alcoholism or addiction in one’s family or with one’s self can be very difficult.  Extensive, holistic rehabilitation programs that focus on healing the body and mind have produced the best results and success.  Programs that offer all natural nutritional handlings for vitamin deficiencies caused by drug and alcohol abuse and include comprehensive cognitive therapy to help individuals have realizations about their past, present and future have a formula for success that truly can result in addiction recovery for a lifetime.  One must consider a rehabilitation program that includes a complete and thorough detoxification process as well that does not just substitute one drug for another.  When drug and alcohol residue remain in the body, they can create unwanted intense and compelling physical cravings weeks, months, and sometimes even years into the future. Unfortunately, these cravings weaken a person’s ability to make rational decisions.  One rational decision would obviously be to not continue to abuse drugs and alcohol.  There are rehabilitation programs available that have devised healthy solutions to the physical component of addiction that can result in the reduction and elimination of cravings forever.