Sober Living

Drug and alcohol rehab programs offer hope to men and women as well as their families suffering from the devastating consequences of drug and alcohol dependencies. Taking the steps to seek recovery from drug and alcohol dependency may be the toughest and most life-altering decisions that one will ever make. Drug and alcohol rehab clinics or programs offer a wide variety of treatment options to meet individual needs and circumstances. Drug and alcohol programs may include residential inpatient programs, outpatient programs, private facilities, non-profit, government programs and sober living options such as half-way and three-quarter houses. While drug addictions may progress through rather predictable stages, everyone's experience and recovery is personal and unique. Not all drug and alcohol rehab centers and sober living houses are the same, they can differ greatly in outlook, philosophy, options, credentials, staff skills, effectiveness, and of course cost.

The variety and number of drug and alcohol rehab options can make the process of selecting the right drug and alcohol rehab center confusing and frustrating. Most people have no idea of what to look for or which questions to ask that will help determine the best drug and alcohol rehab program suited to meet their needs.  Every situation is different and regardless of which primary treatment facility one chooses, research and studies have shown that aftercare and sober living post treatment has been tremendously effective in promoting long-term recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction.  These studies suggest that sober living should play a prominent role in publicly supported efforts to combat the social toll of addiction and drug dependency.  However, unfortunately sober living is virtually ignored by most governmental sources of funding.  

Sober living facilities offer residents support and a safe environment to live while in the early stages of recovery from alcohol and drug addiction.  Residents receive an ample opportunity to participate in the intensely populated sober communities and are able to transition back into society while renewing responsibilities to themselves, their families and their communities.  These types of facilities allow an individual to focus on their recovery and surround them with support, while still adhering to day to day obligations and responsibilities.  

Sober living houses provide individuals a sanctuary for sobriety and give residents a chance to flourish and prosper through structured and honest living.  The length of stay usually depends on the needs of each individual and is a very supportive environment that assists addicts and alcoholics in being productive and successful and learning to live a clean and sober life style.  These houses and facilities are the stepping stones to the successful return and transition back into good, healthy daily living.

If you or someone you love is looking for a sober living house or facility I encourage you to assist them in finding one that is affordable best suits their needs.  Help those in need to put the struggle with drugs and alcohol behind them, once and for all through sober living.